Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall Scents/Fashion, Funny Meme's and Moving Across the US {{5onFriday}}

Whoop whoop!
It's Friday ovaa hereee and everywhere...

I have mixed feelings towards this, I have Fridays off, but I work Saturday's..BUT my hubby's home Friday and Saturday, so weekend is still a big stinkin' deal for me cause he gets to come have lunch with me on Saturdays- WHOOHOO!


Let's have some fun this beat is sick, I wanna link up with that Darci chick.

I'm a total nerd, I spend my spare time surfing pinterest for funnies and food recipes...shhh inner fatty, you can't have the 12 layer candy bar cake with cookies baked in served with ice cream floats..

The 5K one is just too true...and why do all the Disney Princesses throw themselves dramatically and cry?!?!

The last one, I literally LOL'd and people stared...story of my life right thurrr.


Today I'm finally gonna break out my new Fall/Winter Scentsy Scents! WHOOT! My house is going to smell like department store Holiday setup that was attacked by the perfume counter girls armed with Holiday smells...

There will be a cozy fireside in the living room, silver bells in the bedroom and pumpkin roll in the kitchen.

I may or may not have an obsession with Scentsy. I also may or may not have a client that pays for her services in Scentsy credits....I'll never tell!


We're Netflix people, tried and true. We are also the type of people that start a show and watch all the seasons in a matter of days..So what! Don't judge us!

One of our favorite shows, Raising Hope, finally put up the newest season last week and well, we have been rationing them and yeah we're going to wrap it up here in the next day... sad sad day...

If you haven't watched Raising Hope, I HIGHLY suggest it, ITS FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!

Whats your favorite Netflix series?


Speaking entertainment...I can't wait for Catching Fire!!!! I read the Hunger Games Trilogy in two days..the hubs wasn't happy with my 3 am mandatory trip to walmart to get the last book, but I didn't care, I needed my reading crack...

How many Hunger Games fans our out there with me?!


And finally we I am doing some serious planning and price quoting for the Washington move, I like being overly prepared. I'm a bit anal about budgeting and scheduling and the whole preparedness thing...

Uhaul has these neat pod/boxes that they ship for you... any one ever use them?

I can't wait til we do move because that will mean an excuse to buy a new waterproof coat from Under Armor... something like these will be sure to fill my closet ;)

The hubby and I will be enjoying a laid back day today, we have plans for an afternoon coffee stop, a drive through the country, some Subway and a trip to Walmart.

Whoa, we are some pretty crazy kids, I don't think some of you would be able to hang with us. We know how to party...

What's your weekend plans!?

Have a great one!!



  1. Obessed with the Hunger Games! Can't wait for it to come out!

  2. hey doll! hopping over from the linkup! :) i'm not too big of an netflix watcher...but the hubs is!...and he is into house of cards right now!! also - how cute are those underarmor jackets?! presh.


  3. I agree with every thing in this post. I have the most addictive personality when it comes to TV shows and Books... And you need to read Divergent next. You'll be addicted, so forewarn your man.

  4. Hunger Games - YES!!! And I agree with the comment above about Divergent. The first two books of it were awesome and I'm anxiously waiting to read the third.
    Those UA jackets look so comfy and warm! I do not own anything UA - maybe that should go on my Xmas list! =D Happy Weekend!!! Walmart shopping for me too!

  5. Stopping by from the link up! Thanks for reminding me to order my fall Scentsy bars! I had the Silver Bells last year & loved it. Some pumpkin is sounding fantastic right now:)

  6. We are finishing up Parks and Recreation, but our previously watched list is Wonder Years, Freaks and Geeks, I love anything on the Investigation Discovery Channel (murder, true life stuff) and we also want to start Orange is the new black!

  7. I just couldn't get into the Hunger Games. Just the thought of children killing other children and the graphic nature of the killings scenes didn't sit well with me as a parent. I thought about reading the books before I had a seen a little bit of the first movie, but now I'll just pass on the whole series.

  8. Hope you have a wonderful weekend even though you work tomorrow
    Come link up with me and enter my giveaway from Wednesday!

  9. I'm a hard at it, Army Wife lover! But right now I am working my way through Greys Anatomy! Yes, I know these totally aren't you, just your dad. ;)
    I can. not. wait. for the Hunger Games to come out. Boo for you living so far away, so we can't go to it together.. We could facetime through it, haha! :)

  10. Hello, stopping by your blog from the Five on Friday link up! I am SO excited about the Hunger games, and now that I found your blog too! I have been peeking around at some of the posts, and really glad I did the link up now :-D Way to go on the weight loss!!

    Following your blog now! I just started blogging at – hope you’ll stop by sometime too!

    I hope you do not have to work too hard this weekend!

  11. I LOVE LOVE scentsy and Hunger Games! I'll have to check out cozy fireside and silver bells. My favorites right now are Apple Press and Welcome home!

  12. i love the Hunger Games but I always think the book is better than the movie...except in the case of the Notebook--the movie definitely won in that case.