Weight Loss

To read about my story go HERE. But for the short version, read on...

No I didn't take a before picture on 1-1-13 when I first began.

why not?

Because I truly didn't think I was going to stick with it.
So I took one a month later when I realized I was doing it and I wanted to see the progress....

 February 2013 

Beginning of March 2013

Mid March 2013, Right around the 30lb lost mark.

Actually tried on clothes for comparison at the End of March 2013

Pic I had of me in November, April 2013, a little over 32lbs gone.

Tie dye shirt was day of the 40lb bench mark on 5-3-13 and full comparison of my body in two different outfits.

Here is the EXACT same outfit with a 46lb difference on 5-25-13
And to think I actually thought I looked pretty good in the first picture. I much prefer the 2nd :D

This photo is from 6-1-13, 5 months to the day of when I made my new years resolutions to lose weight, eat healthy and run a 5k. I was standing there in front of the mirror, a full 50lbs lighter getting ready for my first 5k. I couldn't have felt any more proud. I had accomplished each and every one of those goals and not only did I accomplish them but I have turned them into lifestyle changes not just temporary ones.

First Picture on Top is 6-7-13 second is 6-28-13 and bottom pictures are 7-14-13

Want a ticket to the gun show? Haha

2-1-13 til 7-8-13 60lb Difference

These Links will take you to the posts about each weight loss benchmark:


  1. You look stunning! Congratulations on your weight loss and i love your blog!

  2. WOW what an inspiration. You sure deserve serious applause!!

  3. First time reading your blog and was inspired by your weight loss journey. Thanks for sharing it. Am wondering where you bought your Love Life sweater? I would love to have one for myself!!

  4. You look fantastic! Very inspiring!

  5. I am on day 10 of my Advocare cleanse today. Ive been sitting at my desk for the last half hour contemplating eating fast food. As you know, this struggle is so difficult for so many and I am still learning how to get through it. I was researching something healthy I could eat at a fast food restaurant and came across your website. I read about your transformation and your progress and I wanted to let you know that you inspired me to keep moving forward and not give up today. I was struggling until I read this. You are very inspirational and I appreciate you telling this story for others. Thank you again :)