Monday, June 3, 2013

Nifty Fifty and Color Run Weekend!

This one is probably going to be long, so stick with me!

So Friday the hubby and I left for Kansas City Missouri for The Color Run, the happiest 5K on the planet. Yeah, I'm pretty sure they got that right cause it was amazing!
But any who's, road trips kill me. Even though KC was only a 3 hour drive I was snoozing on and off, we had to stop after an hour to grab some Starbucks to keep us alive,

 *sidenote* Starbucks Chocolate Cookie Frap = delish. That was my guilty pleasure treat*

Not only was the drive down there loooooong, we are not the best at navigating in the big city, after first passing our hotel, it then took us 20 minutes, at least to get off on the right ramp. Siri was no help at all, actually she hindered our process and told us to take bogus exits. Thanks Siri, Thanks for nothing!
We FINALLY get to the hotel, get checked in go up to our room, put our things down, then we were off to see my sisters new house.
We get a lovely tour of her new casa from an adorable 7 year old.
I got my niece one of those new Ferby's for Christmas, I thought hey I loved mine I had when I was younger, she should LOVE these new ones. Uhm the new ones with their digital eyes and more complex movements, are CREEPY, like I was creeped out by its evil eyes and the way its whole body would move....No new Ferby's for this girl any time soon.

*SideNote* When I was moving out of my college apartment and in with my husband I had my old school Ferby's in a box in my trunk and as I'm driving down the road I hear voices. So I kill the radio and from the trunk I hear "AHHH it's dark in hear" "Me Scared" "AHHHH" "NOOO loud noises", it was those damn Ferby's talking to each other and all I can think about is what would happen if I got pulled over and a cop would have heard that?????*

After the tour of her lovely home, we needed to go to the mall and get the Hub some new running shoes. He is only on the 4th week of Couch To 5K so he had been using an old beat up pair that had zero comfort left to them. My silly husband left his wallet at the hotel, so we had to make it back to the hotel which took longer than it should since Siri had us all bassackwards. ( I love that word) We retrive the wallet from the 14th floor and now we are back on the road to the mall. 

We finally arrived. We get into the mall and after looking in every single shoe store he has yet to make a decision on which ones he wants, so why he mulled it over, I hit up Lady Foot Locker and invested in some new nike dri-fit shorts. I really love them alot. AND they were buy one get one half! I can't pass up a deal. This girl right here left with a pair of plain jane black ones and a funky pair of neon orange ones, in a size MEDIUM, BOOM! Yeah I'd been in a size large since I'd gained all my weight and now I was back to the medium size that I haven't seen since Highschool. I was flying high, you know this, BALLIN'! 
By this time the hubby was about to give up on the shoe hunt, I drug him into TradeHome, the one shoe store he passed up, and low and behold the shit found a pair of Asic Gel Noosa Tri 8's like mine and he liked them!!

If you are newer to running and looking for some good comfortable, light weight, airy and supportive running shoes, I highly suggest you try the Asic Gel Noosa Tri 8's. They are amazing! And they glow in the dark. You just can't top that.

Here they are, both us all match-y match-y.

After all our adventures we head back to try and get a good nights sleep.

Saturday we wake up to get ready for the race, I'm stoked.

Saturday June 1st was exactly 5 months after I had made my new years resolution to lose weight, get healthy and to run a 5K.

And Here I was 5 months later, fulfilling my goals a whole FIFTY POUNDS LIGHTER! Oh yeah you heard me 50LBS. I was elated. Hard work was paying off and I was a happy happy girl.

Here is some pictures from The Color Run, it is really the happiest 5K on the planet. They travel to different cities and they donate to a local charity so this weekends charity was The Ronald McDonald House. So glad that I could support in some way. 

We had the times of our lives. And I was so proud of the hubby for doing it all and only having to take a short walk break to catch his breath.

When everyone throws up the color packets at the end its called a Unicorn Sneeze! lol
If you were in the pit when the color was thrown, it was like a blanket, it got black under there and it was intense but it was SO MUCH FUN!!! They had over 10,000 pounds of color there between the race sections and the after party, If you left clean, you missed out on all the fun!!!!!

The Trip home was like the trip there, I slept. Haha.

We ate not bad but not the best, we had Chick Fil A and Chipotle and man oh man, it was good but it felt so good to come home and be back to my nice and healthy meals.

As for June, I'm going to celebrate my Nifty 50 loss and Kick Start my summer by doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred! So heres to becoming a shred head!! Ha.
Will take Before and Afters to post at the end of the month.

But now our mini 3 day weekend vacation has come to and end and back to the old grind tomorrow. Blah. Booo Monday.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

- J


  1. Hey girl! I just found your blog and think its great! I also live a couple hours from KC and wished I could have done the color run but had other plans :( You look great and keep up the good work! Do you have a follow button you can add to your blog? If you need help let me know!
    Ashley @ First Came the Baby

    1. Hey, thanks! And since I'm newer to the blogging world, I'm working on getting everything all squared away with buttons and yada yada yada, lol! But yeah shoot me and email Id love input and help!