Thursday, June 13, 2013

30 day Shred into Summer Update

As many of you know I'm doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day shred this month for my "shred into summer" personal challenge. Im on level two and daayyyyyuum its killer.
I took before pictures and will take afters when I'm finished and will post those all at the beginning of July. I'm trying to really kick ass in the workout department this month because July 7th will be our 1 year wedding anniversary and I want to look killer for our mini vaca to the casinos. Cha-Ching! (hopefully, ha!)

This was right after the cool down on level two today, shit. I was sweaty enough to start my own lake. 
Lake Crying Fat. 
 thats what I'm going to call it.

If you haven't tried her shred, 
I suggest you do its a great workout and only takes 27 minutes a day. 
It is designed to kick your ass and make you sweat lakes.

Along with shredding it this month I'm still doing all my normal workouts and eating right and I have been feeling really good about myself lately. I haven't felt this good for a long time. Losing all this weight and getting healthy has improved my overall mood, DRASTICALLY. Gosh I'm just a much happier person. :D

So back last fall before getting fit even crossed my mind and I was eating anything in sight, I bought a new Fox Racing hoodie. Problem being I grabbed the wrong size. Wah wah wahh. And I'm horrible at throwing out clothes so I kept it, tags still intact and all. Fast forward to today..I was feeling particularly good about myself so I thought hell, I'll try it on.
It fit.
It freaking fit.
I 'bout pissed myself.

I felt so good in it.

I like making side by sides to see how far I've really come.
The big picture is today, the top picture is a quote I stumbled upon and fell in love with. and the bottom is a 50lb comparison in the exact same outfit from when I started til recently. I can't believe the changes.
Dedication and hard work really does pay off. If you are on day 1, 7, 13 or whatever of your weight loss journey, don't give up, you will reap what you sow. Sow hard and reap big ones!!

- J

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  1. Ok, now you've inspired me to commit to this. I've had Jillian Michaels dvd's for a couple years now & have yet to really give them a go. I'm gonna go for it.