Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shred it, Crossfit, Yoga and Food Babies -- Workout Wednesday!

I'm linking up with Skinny Meg again for Workout Wednesday!!

I'm halfway through my "shred into summer'' personal challenge of doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. She's kicking my ass. I took before's and will take afters to post but I've already noticed a big difference in the toning aspect of my body thanks to her!

If you follow me on instagram (ms_st4tus) then you already have seen a lot of what I'm going to be posting. But here is a 3 week difference in my legs. It really is important when working out to focus on total body and not over due just one. 
"Friends don't let Friends skip leg day" So true! 
I want my body to be toned and lean and mean all over not just huge biceps and chicken legs! I want to look great head to toe! This also goes to show, that taking pictures through out your journey will help keep you motivated. I personally hadn't noticed a big difference in my legs besides my pants fitting a little looser in that area, but after the picture, DAMN!

I'm currently down 52 lbs and am hoping praying working my ass off to drop 8 more pounds by July 7th, my 1 year wedding anniversary. That will make a weight loss of 60lbs since the first of the year and since I made my lifestyle changes. But it will make for a 70lb difference since my wedding day. I plan on trying on my dress and taking a picture for comparison then, so stay tuned. I wish I would of had my butt in gear back then!

These pictures show my progress form February 1st 2013 to June 16th 2013. I did start my journey on 1-1-13 but didn't take any pictures because I honestly didn't believe I would make it this far. I still cant believe how far I've come and I couldn't be more proud of myself. 
*pat on the back*

This month I'm doing the 30 day shred and next month I want to start more cross fit style stuff. I'm going to begin tire flipping and battle ropes, I'm in the works now to get my tire and my rope. 

Does anyone out there do either of those? Advice? Workout Ideas??
Hit me, I'm open!

I have begun Yoga as well.

Anyone a yoga buff? Favorite Moves? 

Im sticking with my girl Jillian and am following her videos.
Yoga is great for stretching out muscles, relaxing,lessening muscle pain, toning and burning fat. Who doesn't love that??

Check out this workout and give it a go.
I felt so awesome afterwards like just a relaxed state of mind.
And I always feel good after any type of workout.

I love food.
We haven't went grocery shopping for a while so slim pickings.
I needed some stuff to make it through two more days at work, lunches ya know.
So off to WalMart I went.

This is what I left with.

You are all probably like big deal. But it is to me. I'm proud of myself. A year ago or even 7 months ago I would have left with a case of pop, frozen pizza, candy bars and a pop and candy bar for the way home.

I left with nothing for the way home and only foods that will fuel my body. I smiled as I walked to the car. Notice the gum? I'm addicted I got Extra Dessert Delights Lemon Squares, Root Beer Float and Extra Watermelon Explosion! I've turned too chewing gum to keep my self from board eating.
Also I've read that chewing gum while exercising increases your reaction time!
I just really like the dessert flavors, it gives me something sweet, keeps my mouth busy and doesn't make me feel guilty!

Whats your go-to to keep from board eating?

Thanks for stopping by!!

Work It out today and sweat some lakes!!

- J

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