Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Snap Back To Reality

Dang its hard to get back to your norm after a get away, no matter how long it is.

The hubs and I went away Saturday-Monday for our one year wedding anniversary. We had a blast, but its always great to be home and back to normal.

We went to Topeka Saturday afternoon, stayed in a suite at the Holiday Inn. The king size bed after sleeping in our queen feels SOOOO HUGE. I love big comfy beds. Someday, I want a nice california king, right now we don't have the space for one, but someday I'll have one. 

We got all cleaned up, went out and had nice dinner and then headed to the casino. It was a fun time but neither of us our quitting our jobs anytime soon! 

We came back to the hotel enjoyed the hot tub and just relaxed. 

The next day we slept in, got up and headed to the mall, we searched the mall for FOUR hours trying to find Asic GelNoosa Tri8's in the neon colors. Two stores had them but didn't have my size. These babies were my anniversary present and I wanted them badly! FINALLY, finally, as we left the mall I spotted a famous footwear down the street that closed in a whopping 8 minutes and I begged the hubs for just one more stop. I run in there and AHHHHHHHHHH there they were, my size and everything, I grabbed the box and rushed to the cashier. Boom, they were mine and I wasn't letting go of them. I probably would of cried if I wouldn't of found them. Hey don't judge the relationship a girl has with her running shoes!!

I felt really good this day, body wise.

After we got back to the hotel we watched a movie and cracked open our year old cake and shoved it in each others faces. Just like at the wedding I had cake up my nose, in my bra and in my hair. We don't play nice haha.

We did a lot of minigolf and driving ranges, thats just our "thing". We both just really enjoy it, its our go to vacation thing. Anytime we are away we always look for a minigolf course and then go hit some balls.

With new running shoes I had to go break them in and I decided on the elevator down that I was going to do my own "virtual" 5K. So I hopped on the treadmill and away I went. Damn it if I didn't PR. I ran the 3.1 in 25:08, with an average of 8:09 a mile, my first mile was 8:40. I had been so excited a week earlier to break the 10:00 and run a 9:30 that this 8:40 brought tears to my eyes. It was a good run the kind that makes you just glide around the gym. Or my legs were just going numb?

We shopped some more the next day and then headed back towards home. 
My Old Navy mini-haul. I'm totes in love with these neon sheer blouses. I have the melon and now lime and I WANT MORE!!!! I picked me up an adorable insulated lunch bag that is almost to cute to be a lunch box. and the pinks and purples are twisty bands. They are hair ties that look like bracelets and look much more stylish on your wrist and in your hair, they hold your hair great and are just super effing cute.

We stopped in Salina to get groceries at Aldi and Dillons and then home again home again bib-ity-bob.

It was a good weekend and I felt really good about how and what I ate.I put cholula on EVERYTHING! I love that stuff. I splurged at our anniversary dinner and split a skillet chocolate chip cookie and a scoop of ice cream with the hub and had a Mai Tai at the casino. Other than that I was pretty much on point.


Some food once we got home and some great finds durning Grocery shopping.
Eating clean home cooked foods and fresh fruit sure beats fast food and eating out big time. I feel so much better inside and out when I eat well!

What'd you do this weekend?


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