Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Workout Wednesday and Day off Recap

It's that time again! 

Linking up with Skinny Meg for Workout Wednesday!!

This week I'm bringing you my own "No Excuses" Full Body Slam! This workout hits every part of your body and gives it a run for its money!! 

Takes less than 20 minutes to bust this bad boy out, but I PROMISE you will be sweating and feeling it!

Let me know what you think!!

Meanwhile In other news..

I'm patiently awaiting my Advocare 10 Day Cleanse to come in the mail. I'm struggling with a plateau. I'm not gaining but I've stopped losing, wah wah waaahhh.
So I decided I'm going to do the 10 day cleanse to "restart" my body. I originally planned on starting it on August 1st BUT I have the Glow Run 5K on Saturday in Wichita and I know it doesn't start til 8:45pm and I KNOW the hubs and I will be stopping afterwards to grab some post race food. So why set myself up to fail?!?!
I think I'm going to go ahead and start it on the 4th! If anyone out there wants to join me, I'd love to have some buddies along the way! I'm doing the 10 day with the Peaches and Cream Fiber drink and as for additional products I'm adding on the Spark in mango strawberry! If you want to do it with me, shoot me an email or leave a comment and I'll get in contact with you!

I'm going to follow the guidelines to a T because it's only 10 days, c'mon.
I'll post before's and measurements when I begin.

With the AMAZING success I had with the Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred, I've decided to do the whole program again in August in hopes to gain some major toning. (Read about my first success HERE.)

If you want to join in on this challenge again, just let me know!:D

So Monday was my first day off in 8 days.
I'm a workaholic, whatever.

I was much overdue for a cut and color. I went to my amazing friend and she got me all beautified. Getting my hair washed is by far the best feeling in the world! (whose with me?)
After purchasing some more So Silver by Matrix Purple Shampoo for blondes ( if your a blonde and you don't use purple shampoo's I HIGHLY suggest you look into it yesterday) and It's a Ten! Miracle Leave-In Conditioner ( I swear by this goop!) my mom and I were off to the mall!
She was out to do some shopping and I was just kind of tagging along, cause well frankly, I like spending time with my mom. 
Let's face it, 
I was a nightmare of a teenager and we didn't get along very well durning High school. But Somewhere in that first year out on my own I got a good dose of reality and now our relationship is great. And I enjoy our outings!
As she was trying on clothes for real I was just trying on clothes for shits and giggles. I didn't even know what size of jeans I wore. I hadn't bought any or tried any on for that matter since I started my journey. So I grabbed a 10, 8 and 6 off the shelf not expecting even the 10 to fit. I was fully prepared for the normal, try on jeans, they don't fit, feel embarrassed  cry in the dressing room, pull myself together and then be bitter the rest of the day.
thats not what happened!
(if you follow me on instagram, I apologize because then you have already seen this)

The 6's fit. 
No shit.
With enough room I could have went down to a 4. 
I almost pissed all over Old Navy's floor

Clean Up in the ladies dressing room, Clean up

The top is also a medium with PLENTY of room. 

In the picture on the left I was wearing a XL Flowy top, size 14 jeans and I was stuffed into them. Like they gave me that ugly belly indention when I peeled them off at night.

While we were venturing around I also discovered I'm into a size small in athletic shorts! 


In January I was poured into Larges, went down to mediums in June and now I'm ready for the small's! 

Watch out skinny girls, this former fatty is out for the smaller sizes!

We also stopped by Riddles Jewlery store to see about ring re-sizing. My ring falls off if I shake my hand.

My current ring is a 7.5, when they sized my finger I was a 6.5!!! I wasn't even that small of a finger when I got my finger size before I gained weight!

All in all the trip was a good confidence boost for me.

I did walk away from Bath & Body Works with a lotion that is normally $11 and I only paid $2.50. I freaking love sales.
I'm a sucker for them.

How'd you spend your day off?

I want to leave you all today with some motivational quotes, sometimes you really just need to hear these things....

Have a wonderful wednesday!!


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  1. wow you are kicking so much butt! way to go! you really nspire me to workout. ive been doing jillian but slacked off past few days. plan on getting back on it today!