Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pump Up My Playlist Giveaway! {{WOW}}

Happy happy happy HUMP ddaaaay!!

This girl right here, is super dooper happy today.

I'm off work for the next THREE DAYS!!! ( thank you holiday OT hours) 
It feels glorious!!!

This afternoon I'm off for a girls day of browsing, christmas shopping and grocery shopping with my momma. YAY!

Best part??

I FINALLY get my wedding rings back!

Its been 3 weeks and my finger feels so naked, oh so naked.

They had to knock a whole size off that baby. They told me my finger was 1 and 1/2 sizes smaller, but to be safe I just went down one size!

We had a freak snow storm the other day here in Kansas, thankfully that is all clearing off now. I like snow, but not a lot when I have to go to work.

Christmas day, it may snow on. 

Yes that sounds perfect.

Ya hear me mother nature???

Psssh. Who  am I kidding...

So like I told ya'll Monday, I joined a gym.

Its awesome.
I enjoy it, its an older building, small town gym style including chandeliers! Yeah, Classy Fitness!!

Barbells and Ball gowns...and we'll never be royaaaaalllsss... 

But my music is lacking, severely.

Which brings me today.

I want you guys to suggest some music to me to buff up my playlist. I will choose a random winner on Friday to give a $15 iTunes gift card via Email too!!!!

Friday will also kick off the Christmas Traditions Giveaway!!!

I super puffy heart giveaways.

And you all deserve it! I love my followers for all the support and love they show me!!!

Thats you guys!!!!

So Thanks for the love!!!

Now help me PUMP up My Playlist!!!!!

Hows your week?!


  1. that crazy gal Miley. I actually usually listen to the Pop and Hip Hop Power Workout Radio station on Pandora... maybe scan there for ideas??

  2. "Move Along" - American Rejects or "Edge of Glory" - Lady Gaga

  3. I love "Remember the Name" by Fort Minor. Absolutely have to have it on all of my playlists!

  4. For some reason I like to run to "Johnny Come Lately" by Steve Earle.

  5. I just started running and am loving anything Black Eyed Peas for my runs!!

  6. The new Eminem songs (Monster with Rhianna and Berzerk). For fun, I love the Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake "History of Rap" songs they have done on Fallon's show.

  7. Right now I'm loving anything by Eminem. :)

  8. Best Day of my Life by American Authors! so upbeat and fun!

  9. I couldn't find your email..not sure how I missed it, but I sent you my playlist on the "contact" form on your sidebar!

  10. My favorite is Eminem and Nate Dogg "Til I collapse"

  11. Roar-katy perry. Liked it when I was running

  12. When I workout out I love listening to Brittney Spears and The Black Eye Peas. I also use the Pandora Pop and Hip Hop Power station. They play some good workout tunes also.

  13. I agree I really like the Pop and Hip Hop power workout station on Pandora. It's a fast pace and definitely helps me stay excited about working out.