Friday, December 13, 2013

The Budgeters Christmas Gift Guide {{5onFriday}} && Christmas Traditions Giveaway!

Happy Friday!!!

Lets start off with the winner of the Pump Up My Playlist Giveaway!

If thats you, and you haven't recieved the prize claim email, leave me an extra comment or shoot me an email and I'll get your code sent to you!!!

CONGRATS!!!! And thanks to everyone for their music suggestions!!!!

 Now for some Holiday Cheer sharing in the gift department!

Most of us out there have, coworkers, in-laws, friends, secret santa's ect to buy Christmas gifts for.

Let's face it, it can get expensive and sometimes you just don't know exactly what to get!

I'm here to help you!!

I'm an extreme budgeter, I make a budget for each pay period we have to ensure all bills and expenses are paid and then I budget out our fun money! So when it comes to finding good Christmas gift deals I like to think I've gotten pretty dang good at it.

All of the following gifts are under $20!!!!

{1- For The Social Drinker}
Just add a mini bottle of their favorite alcohol and your in business! Snacks, glasses and the booze. Some ones Christmas with their in-laws just got ten times better..

{2- The Man thats Not Your Man}

Grilling sets with themed sauces or snack kits with matching glasses for the man cave.
When they aren't your bf/fiance/hubby or brother and you just don't know what to get them with out getting overly personal- This is the way to go!

{3- The Woman}

From teens, girlfriends, the lady at work, the mom, the grandma, aunt, cousin ect. These gifts you cant go wrong with. No one will ever object to some pampering! Or a decent set of makeup brushes that didn't cost an arm and a leg. That BARE eyeshadow pallet? Yeah thats a knock off of Urban Decays Naked 2. This one cost me $5 at Dollar General, I'm usually anti knock offs due to the lack of quality, BUT this one is a pleaser to me. With just your normal eye shadow primer you can achieve FABULOUS and EXPENSIVE Urban Decay Looks for a FRACTION of the Price. This would be great for the teen thats just getting into makeup!

{4- The Kids}

When there not your kids and just a friends or a coworkers or class mate, it can get hard. Activity packs for the older kids and a nice bath set for the baby. Baby care items can get expensive and no Mom objects to having extra for travel and so on.

{5- The Anyone/The Couples}

Everyone loves starbucks, coco, movies or ice cream. These are genuine crowd pleasers. The movie one would be cute with a coupon for a free red box rental or a new movie! With gifts sets you aren't just limited to the set its self, you can take it and add to it and make it your own, you are just going to get a really good deal on the package its self!!

BONUS- Giftcards/Cash- guaranteed to please anyone.

NOW for the Christmas Traditions Giveaway

Winner will be announced next Friday so package can go out that afternoon and HOPEFULLY Be received by Christmas Eve!!

Enter away!!

Whats your weekend plans!? 
This is my last day off, womp womp, and the hub and I are just flying by the seat of our pants today! What oh what will we do?
Probably not a whole lot! HA Were old.

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  1. favorite Christmas tradition is just sitting in by the fire, drinking hot chocolate and watching christmas movies

  2. I love watching all my fav christmas movies on christmas eve!

  3. My favorite Christmas tradition is reading The Night Before Christmas to my kids on Christmas Eve and have a cookie making extravaganza with my bestie!

  4. I love to watch the movie Elf every year! It's just so funny!

  5. Seeing tacky Christmas lights with my family!

  6. Getting our live tree the weekend after Thanksgiving! :) I love it!! :)

  7. I have two favorite Christmas traditions. The first is driving around on Christmas Eve and looking at all the decorated houses and lights. I have been doing it since I can remember. The second is a new tradition we started in our house last year. One Christmas Eve Santa's pajama elves leave a surprise for everyone. It's so fun seeing my kids get excited and opening there new pj's.

  8. My favorite Christmas Tradition is the scavenger hunt my husband does for me every year :) I cannot wait to start the Elf on the Shelf tradition :)

  9. This is our first year with a elf! I give my kids a new ornament every year though. I love picking them out.

  10. I love watching 'white christmas' on TV, commercials and all!!

  11. We don't really have any reactions yet, but after this year we will. Christmas in out very own home. I purchased my first home last year, so thus will be our 2nd Christmas in our home. Voila... Tradition! :)

  12. Hubs & I have to watch Christmas Vacation every single year :)
    & now I want a root beer float, thanks ;P

  13. We let our kids pick out their ornament each year. It's only our 2nd year doing it, but so far they have picked out things that they love. It will be so fun to look back and remember picking them out!

  14. Watching the Muppets Christmas Carol with my mom and sister on Christmas Eve and then having about 18 people over for dinner on Christmas Day! :)

  15. Great gift ideas! My favorite tradition is watching all my favorite movies cuddled up with my hubby!

  16. I'm TRACY!!! :) Did you email me? I never got it and looked at my junk mail :/

    OMG SO excited!!! :) Here's my email:

  17. My fav tradition is opening PJs on Christmas Eve! :)

  18. My favorite christmas tradition is haing Christmas on Christmas Eve with my entire family.

  19. Spending time with my in laws on eve and day at my moms and new PJS

  20. Some great ideas!! I have two kids and our Christmas tradition is making "magic reindeer food" the kids get to sprinkle it in our yard on Christmas Eve so the reindeer have a treat too... :)

  21. Eating food on Christmas Eve night while opening one present to get the festivities started! I'm glad to have found your blog.. Look forward to reading it!

  22. We have so many family Christmas traditions and I love them all!

  23. I love going to the candle-lit Christmas eve service. It's something that I treasure growing up doing in my grandparents church. I also love when we all sit around squished together on Christmas morning watching each other open presents.

  24. Hey there! I'm a new follower and so excited to read all about your weight loss accomplishments! My favorite Christmas tradition is getting/giving new jammies and a movie to be opened on Christmas eve!

  25. My favorite Christmas tradition is watching A Christmas Story with my brother and sister. Still to this day when we are together on Christmas Eve and Christmas we have it on.