Friday, December 20, 2013

Funny Christmas Memories//Giveaway winner (5onFriday)

TGIF Bitches.

Oh how I love Hangover.

I'm excited its Friday and the hubs and I are going to do some random shopping in Salina today and i'm getting me some FROYO for my cheat meal yo.


So first off, Congrats to

Amber Grubbs

You are the winner of the Christmas traditions Giveaway, please email me your mailing address by noon today so I can get it on the way to you!

Todays my 5 on Friday Link up with the lovely Darci is going to be about funniest memories around Christmas time.


This is told from my mom "The first year we decided to have glass balls on the tree was also the year little Jessi got to pick out the Christmas tree. This was also the year of the Christmas Tree from Hell. The tree she picked was as crooked as could be. One night it crashed to the ground, myself and Sara (Jessi's older sister) cleaned up the mess and put the decorations back on the tree. The second night, boom, it fell again. Once again we picked up the mess and Jessi's dad tried sawing the bottom to make it more level, decorations back on it and to bed we went. The third night, crash. The damn tree fell again, I had ran out of decorations so had to make a trip to get some in the middle of the night, as we picked the mess up and re decorated the tree, I had had it, I screwed and eyelet into the back corner of the wall and wired that tree to the wall. None of us told Jessi as we didn't want to hurt her feelings, but that was the tree from Hell."

HAHAHAHA, I'm just gifted at picking out tree's..


Ty and I's second Christmas together, we had a realistic looking tree with a skirt that looked like fluffy snow. Apparently it was a little too realistic looking as our dog used it as a potty every single night until we threw away the tree skirt. Once the skirt was gone she stopped. Maybe she just really hated the tree skirt. Years since we stopped using a tree skirt and she has never done it again...


When I was little I had a huge imagination, one year for Christmas I insisted on wearing this gaud awful crushed navy velvet dress with a huge white bow as I opened presents....
If all my pictures weren't in storage, there'd be one on here, so instead imagine a 7 year old in that said dress with a blonde mullet.

It was similar to this, but it was straight not puffy, no white ribbon around the middle and lots of lace on the shoulders..

Yes I had a mullet. Don't judge me.


One year for art class I talked my teacher into letting me build one of those pre made gingerbread houses for a project and grade me on decorating, I did that, then I bet a kid in my class to eat for $10. He did and it was so fun to watch, he thought it would be soft and delicious instead of crunchy with glue tasting frosting and old stale candy. Best $10 I spent.


The year I couldn't keep a secret and told my mom what my sister dad and I just got her for Christmas and then proceed to point the wrapped packages out to her and tell her which was which.

I failed at surprises.

I still do.

Whomp whomp whompppp

Hopefully you got a good laugh out of these.

What are you doing this weekend?

Do you have any funny Christmas memories?!

As Always



  1. Congrats to Amber!
    I bet you looked too cute in that lil' navy velvet dress with your mullet. :)
    Have a great weekend and enjoy that froyo!!!

  2. OK, kind of grew up on an out-of-control hobby farm. One Christmas we had a turkey in the house, alive...can't remember why, cold weather?? Dumb turkey decided to drink from the Christmas tree stand, which had the tree "food" mixed in the water (back in the mid-late 80's) and was fairly poisonous. All we heard from the other room was a spastic [Flap, flap, thud!]. Turkey down!