Monday, December 9, 2013

Motivation Monday {Gyms~Cheat meals&Shenanigans}

Happy Monday lovelies!!!!

I'm nervous anxious and excited all stuffed in to one, just call me the hot mess express today! 


So wahhhh I worked this weekend. 
I hate having no days off with the hubs but hey, gotta do whatcha gotta do right?! 

Worst part was it snowed.

In my perfect world, snow would only fall on grass and only on Christmas Eve, Day, and New years Eve and Day. But until I take over as mother nature, that ain't happenin'...

All though this weekend we managed to finish off the latest season of Whale Wars on Netflix!

 Gah we love that show! 

We also watched the second to last episode of Sons of Anarchy, I'm so so SO sad that the season is over this week! 
How will I ever live with out my Jax Teller fix?!? 

We use Vudu to rent movies on also, we caught Jobs ( the movie about Steve Jobs) WOW his life was full of crazy! But it was really good. I highly recommend if your team Mac!

This weekend I also got my Mshell bombshell and Mshell fitness workouts,
Diets plans ect and my Bombshell tank is on its way! I'm excited to start! 

Today is official day one. 

With that being said... 

I joined a gym! 

Yes ma'am's I did it!

After a year of working out at home, I'm stepping up and joining a gym! But I will still be doing some daily workouts at home! 

Got to stay true to my roots! 

This is by no means a nice big fancy gym. I live in a town of about 7,000 people and this gym is a giant room with lots of equipment and then a smaller room down stairs for women only that just has more basic equipment. But it works, its got what I need!

I'm so pumped to have professional advice and help to help take my body further! 

In honor of a strict new diet and workout plan, I had a cheat meal this weekend.

Ahhh lawwwwdy it was delicious
We had a frozen pizza and a few Oreos.

Best meal ever.

 I wanted to get the cravings out of my system! And I paid for it afterwards too I had a stomach ache, felt bloated and a had a killer migraine. But yes yes it was worth it,

Sooooo worth it.

The Seahawks played this weekend and the lost to the 49ers, but thats okay cause that spot in the play off's is still ours!

Wednesday is my next day off, and its going to be a grand ole time of grocery shopping and just good ole shopping with my momma.

Remember that Christmas eve traditions giveaway I was talking about? Well stay tuned this week cause it'll kick off soon! Some hints about the prize box include, but not limited too: Chocolate, Gingerbread, Movies ECT. You know you want it.

Also going down soon is my virtual 5K for Light The Streets, Flex it Pink!!

Ha, this post was all over the place but thats my over-excitedness kicking in. I'm like a dang little kid I have trouble sleeping when Im excited and I stop making a whole lot of sense.

But hey, thats just me, and ya'll know you super puffy heart with glitter me, randomness and all!

I get lots of Q's emailed to me, so I thought I'd throw it on here, what do you guys wanna know? What do you wanna see? I'm extremely open, so ask away ladies!!!!

How was your weekend?


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