Tuesday, December 24, 2013

'Twas The Night Before Christmas...

And all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse...

in our house it's not that calm! We are adjusting to what is a normal schedule, for the next three days the hubs and I will be on a day routine due to lovely holiday work hours and to accommodate holiday festivities and food!

Today we a busy agenda, it's gonna be a long day.

First we are off to Salina where I'm meeting up with a blog follower turned friend. She told me she was coming to Kansas for a family Christmas and asked if I wanted to meet up, and I of course thought it was a great idea! I seriously love connecting with people! 
So we are going to be hitting up Starbucks.

Who doesn't love coffee?

And isn't Starbucks where all the cool kids go to meet up with people and sip fancy java and have fancy adult conversation?

Well once I'm there, it will be for cool kids.

Yeah I went there.

HA, Just kiddin'

Then this girl is gonna get my nails did. A nice Christmas Eve mani ;)

After that we are going to be headed to my parents house for Christmas Eve with them, then Christmas Eve service and then finally home for our Christmas Eve traditions! We will spend Christmas Day with his family opening presents and the normal Christmas happenings.

I'm ready for Christmas food!

Fra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra. Tis the season to be rawlly...


I have my fingers crossed that our Christmas presents get here, we ordered Saturday and got Christmas Eve delivery, so cheers to being a procrastinator!!

I'm seriously in such shock that Christmas is tomorrow, this has been a crazy year and it went entirely fast!

You guys probably don't know this but I have a love for poetry, writing and reading it. I wrote this a few years back but I wanted to share one of my favorite Christmas poems with you: 

A soft, gentle chorus of Silent Night whispers through the wind,
another horse drawn sleigh gallops round the bend.
Stockings hung on the mantle with care,
A plate of cookies left for Santa, it's only fair.
The tree glows brightly in a frost outlined window pane,
Beneath the tree presents cascade guarded by a chugging train.
Children scurry off and jump into bed,
A snow mans hat blows off his head.
Merry Christmas is wished for all near and far,
As we all lay under the glistening North Star.

I used poetry growing up to really I guess you could say express myself, the first ones I wrote was in the fifth grade right after a classmate of mine was hit and killed by a car. That poem was later published in a nationwide Jr High - Highschool poetry book. 

I use poetry to create gifts too. I mean c'mom who doesn't love getting something that was written especially for them?

I'm so excited to open gifts, even though I know what the hubs got me haha but it's still going to be fun! 

How are you spending the day?
What's the best Christmas gift you've gotten?

Merry Christmas ladies, have a a very happy holiday to you and yours!!!


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  1. OMG the restaurant scene is my FAVORITE I can't sing that song without singing it like that :) Merry Christmas sweet lady