Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Please Don't Feed The Husband

My husband is a free food magnet. He is one of the luckiest people when it comes to free food. He goes to McDonalds, they happened to make an extra shake thats not needed- he gets it. At work he's behind the guy at the vending machine, machine malfunctions, drops multiple items the guy gives him some. He goes to lunch, someone orders a large pizza, can't eat much gives it to everyone around him including my husband. It just happens, it's like a disease or a 6th Sense or something like that. He always takes it and then later that night I hear " I shouldn't of ate that". It never fails, NEVER. 

Ty is not by any means on a diet, when I started to lose weight, he simply asked If I would improve his meals too. So I did and he's been able to lose almost thirty pounds over the last year by just cleaning up his diet. I'm beyond proud of him. I want us to be healthy for the future when we have kids. I want us to be able to run, play and keep up with them at the playgrounds, not the parents sitting on the bench or in the cars. We want to make their life better by being active with them and setting good examples.

It was definitely not a secret that after we got married, we both packed on the pounds like a bear preparing for hibernation. We were both in pretty good shape when we first met. 

We became comfortable with all the food and lots of couch time. But as you all well know, we've managed to 360 that.

I do get asked a lot about meal idea's for families that are healthy but still enjoyable so here are some of my favorite things to make my husband and I (when not following a meal plan by my trainer):

Taco Popcorn (This is something I used to make with my parents when I lived at home)
Skinny Burger Wraps with Sweet Potato Fries

Or the go to when I don't know what to make is brown rice, turkey summer sausage links, and vegetables, or chicken, veggies and rice. 

I also buy the whole wheat hamburger helper and make it with a half a pound (instead of a pound) of ground lean turkey.

Ty also really enjoys salads so we'll do a lot of taco/fajita bars and have them with salads or he'll have one tortilla taco.

Removing pop from our house and replacing it with tea was also something that we did that was a huge lifesaver. we drink unsweetened tea and water like nobody's business!! 

Whats your favorite healthy/skinny-fied recipes that everyone in the family loves??



  1. I'm loving those recipes!!! Good for you two for being healthy for each other!

  2. LOOVE the recipes!!! I'm always looking for new ideas. The Southwest Lasagna sounds really yummy!!