Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fart Away the Fat

Hey hey hey!

This is how I felt when I woke and realized what day it was..

Today is setting up to be a great day! For those of you who don't know Skinny Meg is scheduled to have baby Aiden today! So I'm excited to see that post on Instagram. For me, it's my first day off since Friday the 21st. I'm SO freaking pumped. I'm going to go see a friend who just started working with clients at my hair school alma mater. She came to see me when I was just starting out so I of course will return the favor. When you first start it can be so nerve racking working on strangers until your comfortable and confident! 

For those of you following along, remember that Diet Bet that Darci over at Strongly Feminine started for February?

 Well I jumped on board because I had got lax on my diet in January and had a food baby growing. I also started the Advocare 10 day Cleanse, after I picked up on impulse at my gym. See my previous results with it HERE.

I really just needed a good ole swift kick in the ass to get back on track.

Oh, so that's how this works? I've been doing it wrong all along. Fart the fat away, and light a candle.

So I didn't start farting a lot. I cleaned up my diet, didn't allow myself in the kitchen and made sure to keep myself busy to avoid bored snacking. Between the combination of both I lost 7.2 pounds this month and shaped up the food baby. But my loose skin pooch is still hangin' around (no pun intended). But that's an issue I'll have to keep working on in the gym.

These are the Cleanse Results. I apologize about the darkness of the second picture but we're having a wire issue with our light fixture so it's down for the count.

My Diet Bet weigh in pictures. Right is the Beginning of the month and left was yesterday. Also ignore the mess in the room, it's our spare room that's also a storage room and is half way under construction. Yes I did lose my 4% and I will get a cut of the money pot! Whoop whoop!

After some thought, I've decided to change my half marathons. I got to really thinking and realized it was just going to be unnecessary to drive all the way to Branson Mo, spend too much money and drive back. It would also be rough on my body, due to the difference in terrains. I'm training on mild hills not extreme hills and I don't want to risk an injury my first time out of the gate. I found a half here in Wichita Kansas the same weekend, that I will go ahead and register for instead. It's closer to home, won't require as much travel, and is a terrain that will be more familiar to me. I still want to do the Diva Half someday, but once I'm more seasoned on longer runs. I am following a training program but I want a few under my belt before I get ambitious with races. I'm just plain ole vanilla, for now.

I'm gonna get ready to head to Salina to get my hair done, see my best friend and grab some fro-yo. I mean I think I earned a nice treat after getting back on track this month!

How are you spending hump day?


  1. Love me some Skinny Meg and Honey Boo Boo!! You look great--way to go on the diet bet! Whatchya gonna spend with all that cash???

    1. Thanks!! And getting my nails done ;)

  2. Fart the weight away?!?! If that's the deal, my husband should be fit as a fiddle...he is not. Tee hee!

  3. A friend and I are signed up for the 'girls run' half in Springfield on April 19th. I mentioned the one in Branson and we both just laughed because those hills are legit. Awesome results!

    1. Yeah I may have under estimated those hills lol

  4. Yay for DietBet success!

    What half are you running in Wichita? See Jane Run? What training program are you using?

    1. The prairie fire on 5/4/14 and hal Higdons novice 2