Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Minimal Equipment Full Body Workouts

Happy hump day!

Yay for a day off, minus a friend whose hair I'm doing anyways. It's supposed to warm back up today after the freak wind and rain storm we had yesterday. I'm really hoping to get in an outdoor run today. Fingers crossed.  I'm also excited to see my parents tomorrow! They will be coming home Thursday night and I've missed them. Yeah I like to hang out with parents, so what.

I have had some questions lately about gym workouts for more of the beginners. So I put together two full body workouts that use minimal equipment, they can even be done at home!

This first one you just need a kettlebell, it is set to Katy Perry's Dark Horse:

This one is to Sage The Gemini's Gas Pedal:
just repeat  this over throughout the whole song

I'm a lover of the kettlebell :)

I've also been asked about my leg day routine so here it is for you aswell!

What's some of your favorite workouts?
Have a great day!


  1. I love these! I don't have a gym membership yet, or a kettleball--but may need to get one of those bad boys. Your videos are great!

  2. You are doing AWESOME ! Missed you too! Love Ya MOM

  3. Great videos! What exercises do you recommend for arms, that can be done at home? I have free hand weight and resistance bands. Thanks :)

  4. What is you know nothing about kettleballs? lol. Any suggestions on getting started with those? Thanks!