Sunday, March 16, 2014

And Somedays Your Pants are Just Backwards

Are you wearing green?

You bet your pinching soul I am. I really love holidays in general so I do something for each one. I'll always be a kid at heart.

My work week typically starts on Sunday. So yesterday was my Monday and it was a full blown Monday at that. I worked, basically a double. I worked all morning, went home got a nap in and went back in. No big deal right? PSH. About two hours before I went home for the second time, I realized my pants were on backwards. Yup when I got dressed for the second shift I'd managed to put my pants on backwards. They're yoga pants so no one, not even my self could tell. Until I went to the bathroom for the umpteenth time that day and happened to see the tag. I could do nothing but laugh it off.

I then came home to take my "bikini" pictures for my coach so she can see my progress and get my updated meal plan in the works. I looked a hot mess. Sluggish and bloated powered by 5ish hours of sleep. Go me! 
But no matter how much I'm pleased or displeased with my bikini body, I have to keep moving forward. I must keep training, keep trying and staying on track because my goals are there for me and to help me stay motivated. I'll get there, eventually. Things are just starting to get more hectic it seems as the closer we get our moving time. Then once we move and I hit my goal of a half marathon I can move on to other resolutions. I'm still excited to get moved and begin my Personal Training certification I talked about back in January, after I do that I hope to apprentice with my coach for awhile. I just need to slow down, take a breath and relax sometimes. I tend to take on a lot and then feel like I'm falling behind, but even if I put my pants on backwards, I'm still moving forward.

Learn from my overexertion, slow down, take a breath and get back on track. If you have a bad day, you get swamped with life and miss a workout or have a bad meal. Life will go on, you can and will come back, just make sure you're giving yourself a break. Rest days are good for you body and for your mind. Just remember to put your pants on right and you'll be golden :)

Sorry if this is kinda rambly, I'm still in a bit of a sleepy daze. Also be sure to bump back to Friday's post to get in on a giveaway!

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Do you get the Monday's?


  1. Classic Monday! I used to have a dog that would find my dirty underwear and eat the crotch out (gross, I know) but still leave it with the dirty clothes. So I'd wash them and put them away never being any wiser. And at the ass crack of dawn you really don't notice you're putting on crotchless underwear. Then during my first bathroom break at work I'd have a gaping surprise!

    1. SHUT UP! I thought this only happened to me!

    2. Brittany, that's why I love the learn nothing is actually that unusual! :)