Monday, March 24, 2014

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

Happy Monday!

This is going to be a great week! Why? Because I'm determined to be in a good mood everyday and not let the little things in life get me down for no reason. So here's to a great week! We went to my parents house Friday for a nice evening of catching up and some grub. I'm truly blessed to have my parents still in my life, I'm really quite thankful to have them and I enjoy all the time with them I can. The weekend started off pretty nice with some wind, but was still "spring", I even bought a kite to fly. I took the warmth for granted. Saturday was high winds, cloudy and cold and then that night it snowed. By afternoon Sunday all traces of snow were gone, but I was definitely not impressed with the weather mood swing. Blah!

So as many many of you know some of my favorite blog/IG follows, Val and Jess are spearing a 90 day bikini challenge.

Tatum and I have taken on this challenge but modified it and are going to team attack it. We both have online trainers, Tatum has Erica from Erica Nicole Fitness and I have Michelle from Mshell Fitness. With each of our workout routines, we have meal plans. Our outlines of the challenge are just to follow our workouts to a T, give 110% each time, no skipping days and follow our meal plans perfectly, no cheats- except that weekly cheat meal (hello fro-yo or fajitas). We are going for 60 days first to see how were doing (the length of our plans). Our goals are to look and feel better in a bikini, tone up and gain muscle like its our jobs. And now for the main attraction, my befores.

What are your goals for summer? 

Advisory: please shield your eyes as the glare from my pastiness may cause temporary blindness and please try not to gag.

There it is now for the whole world to see. 

Are you doing the challenge? 
Lets kill it!!!

I have all this pent up determination. I spent all Sunday Spring cleaning my house to lower my stress. I'm a closet clean freak, so clean house- happy life. Then I food prepped for the week and cleaned out the cabinets of any temptations, by cleaned out I mean put them in with the hubs meals for the week. His metabolism is waaay better than mine- lucky.  

Also I know what it's like to not have access to the gym so I put together some workout ideas that can all be done at home for any beginners out there that want to start a new lifestyle. 

Good mood Monday begins...NOW!


  1. I'm doing the challenge too!! We're gonna kill it!!!

  2. Amazing lady!! I can't wait to see your progress!!! :D

  3. I am doing it as well. I just want to feel good in my bathing suit this year :) And yours looks amazing already.. can't wait to see the results!!

  4. OMG Thats my daughter!!!! whoot whoot doesnt she look AWESOME!!!!! Way to go Jess ! love ya MOM!