Friday, March 21, 2014

The C Word and Giveaway Winner

Happy dance time- it's friday!

First things first, the winner of the Filthy Farmgirl Soap Giveaway is.....


Congrat girl!! I've sent you an email, but if you haven't received it please email me with your shipping information!

I wanted to first say Thank you so much to the encouraging and supportive things you all said about my decision to push back my half. You ladies are awesome and made me feel more at ease about my decision. :)

Are you enjoying the spring-ish weather that is starting to come around like I am?! The hubs and I are going to play football, maybe fly a kite, cruise with the windows down and have din din with my parents. Then of course no weekend is complete without stopping at Walmart to pick up some groceries needs and people watching.

What are you doing this weekend?

So now the C word.


 A girl I went to school with mother, Tami is a breast cancer survivor. She is truly awesome, not only is she a survivor, she is on her own weight loss journey- and she's killing it!

But as the sweet sweet lady she is, she wants to help others who are dealing with the diagnosis of breast cancer. She is one of the biggest advocates I know for it around my area. She has put together SOS Bags (Support of a Survivor) that have comforts she found helpful during her battle. I'll let her explain more...

Hey everyone! I'm Tami Jarrell and I'm a Breast Cancer Survivor and this is my story..
On Monday, July 9, 2012 I found a walnut sized lump in my right breast. My breast itched, I scratched it, and there it was. Honestly, I didn't think much of it, I had a breast reduction done in May 2005 and we have fibrocystic breast disease in the family. My husband, daughter and I were watching television. I causally said "Thats odd, there's a lump in there."  John looked at me and told me that I probably need to have it checked out so I made an appointment to see the nurse practitioner the next morning (Tuesday, 10th) when I went to work. She felt it as we'll and wanted for me to get a mammogram to be in the safe side. On Thursday (12th) I had a mammogram and it didn't show up so they got me in to have a sonogram. I'm afraid that if I would have had a normal yearly mammogram, without an exam, I might not be here today to tell you my story. Once the sonogram was performed the nurse went to show the results to the radiologist. Not long after, the radiologist came into the room and told me that it looked suspicious and wanted to do a biopsy, he said that he could do it now and he could have the results first thing in the morning or I could reschedule for next week. I told him to go ahead and do it now so I wouldn't have to take another day off work. I'm not going to lie I was nervous, but I had prayed about it since I found the lump on Monday and knew God was in control no matter the outcome. I worked at the clinic with my doctor so I had told the pathologist to go ahead and call my cell and I would let the doctor know...I knew it wouldn't be major, right? I kept checking my phone to see if I had missed any calls. At 12:30 my doctor came into my office and I just knew it wasn't good. He started to sit down and I said "It's not good, is it?" He said, "No, it's not." then he went on to tell me more, more than I can even remember. The only thing I remember was that I had to have surgery and I asked why, wasn't there some other option and he said no. About an hour later his nurse met me in the hall and handed me a piece of paper with the date, time and surgeons name. It didn't register when I read the date out loud...Monday the 16th...ok my goodness, that was this coming up Monday!  John and I met with the general surgeon and it was another appointment in which I didn't hear much. He gave us three options: a lumpectomy, a mastectomy or a double mastectomy and I could have reconstructive surgery as well. We left to go out to dinner after the appointment and I told he that he would have to make the decision because I just couldn't, his only words to me were "Shock and Awe baby! I would rather have you than them any day!" The following Friday (20th) the general surgeon scheduled me for a breast MRI to see if it had spread anywhere else and the results would be back on Monday (23rd). Monday we also met with the plastic surgeon who would be doing the reconstruction. Then on the following Thursday, July 26th I had a double mastectomy with expanders put in.I only knew for 13 days that I had cancer...13 days which was more like a roller coaster ride Than I would ever care to admit.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I was given a bag of goodies. It contained the following: a blanket, pillow, travel cup, a baseball cap (pink BC awareness), a BC air freshener for my car, a gift card for fuel to get me back and forth to my appointments and a few other things. 

You should know that awareness and giving to others is an important and strong passion of mine. I want to put goodie bags together for newly diagnosed BC patients and give them to Dr. Hendricks office so they can give them out to ladies that will have reconstruction from breast cancer. In addition to the items listed from my bag I will include a drain holder for their showers (something my friend made me to make showering a little more bearable), and a journal and pen. I will also put a small card in there with a little about my journey and my contact information for if/when they would like to have support, ask questions, etc.

Here's what I did, I put together a bag and take a picture of the contents and posted it at where people are able to order them, whether they are patients, caregivers, friends, etc. or just donate money to make more bags. With the funds that are left over from the sales I will make more bags and donate them.


When I saw her start posting about this, not only did I want to donate, but I wanted to help her spread the word and help get the bags to ladies who can use them. So I asked her if it would be okay to post and spread this. My hope is that with the hundreds and hundreds of followers I have here and on instagram that someone will know someone who needs this and It will help them out with their journey or at least raise awareness and help Tami on her path to help others.

This is what the bags(unfilled) look like:

and they contain:

Tie-Blankets made out of warm and cozy fleece and are the perfect size for traveling. 
A soft,comfortable travel pillow and pillowcase
Cute personal journal and pen 
The drain holder is specially made to hold up to four drains after surgery. Has adjustable cotton cord for easy wear during your shower.
Pink Magnetic Ribbon
Cozy socks
A 28 oz. "Fight Like a Girl" bottle has a tapered base designed to fit an auto cup holder. 
Bag of mints.

If you would like to donate or purchase a bag go HERE.

Cheer's to saving the ta-ta's!

Have an amazing weekend ladies!!


  1. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I am so freaken stoked to get these, I am OBSESSED with soap:)

    And what a cool story, something I had never thought about. We have done the breast cancer walk in the past and my 3 girls (13, 10 and 7) raised almost $800! They were so proud:)

    1. Thank you Cara! I want to be a blessing to women and be able to offer just a small piece of comfortto them as they go through this difficult journey. Please share my website, it's so important to get the word out there that my bags are available for purchase or folks can make a donation.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing about the S.O.S. Bags!

  3. What an amazing woman! My dad had a disease a lot like cancer and although there were different side effects and all I would have given anything to make him a little more comfortable. These SOS bags are awesome!

    1. Thank you Kristen O!! Please share my website with your friends, it's so important to get the word out to as many people as possible!