Saturday, April 20, 2013

Weak Knees for Pizza Pie's

Mhmmmm pizza..

Pizza is that one food that's my absolute weakness. I'm a fond lover of all things pizza...

Pizza Huts El Rancho is my favorite, he love of my life, my pizza vice. Even though this pizza is tipped with veggies and chicken, pizza huts crust is super greasy.


So as my once every few weeks, I make my own version of it at home, with more of a healthy spin.

I either used a pre-made whole wheat thin crust or I get the whole wheat mix and spread the crust out pretty thin. Then I spread a layer of fat free ranch to cover the crust, next I cut up two pre-cooked chicken breasts and two pieces of turkey bacon and spread them across the crust. Now I scoop up a serving of skin milk mozzarella shredded cheese and sprinkle it around. Now for veggies, the Pizza Hut version has peppers, tomatoes, and onions, I like to add green onions, green and red pepper and red onion. Feel free to add the veggies that you like best and don't skimp on them either! Now into the oven it goes, depending on the crust I use it takes anywhere from 14-22 minutes usually at 425 degrees. While the pie is cooking get out either a head of lettuce or roman hearts and chop up a good amount of lettuce, I like the darker green pieces so I scavenge for this pieces.(yes this pizza is topped with lettuce!) when the pizza come fresh out of the oven, throw on the chopped up lettuce let it sit for a second and the cheese will stick to the lettuce for easier cutting. Cut, server, enjoy!!

Now of course this isn't the best meal for being healthy but I don't think it's half bad of a spin on an unhealthy vise. I know by making it at home I can watch serving sizes and I control the quality of the ingredients used. I use only organic produce, turkey bacon, and fat free ranch, that right there helps A LOT with the calories in this circle shaped devil of yummy-ness.

The hubby even says he prefers my version of El Rancho vs Pizza Huts. So I have obviously got to be doing something right, right?! Ha!

Give it a shot! Tell me what you think!

- J

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