Wednesday, April 10, 2013

And I Tell Myself that I'll Be Strong

I had a break through tonight. So as I have said I'm working towards my goal of running my first 5k in Kansas City on June 1st. I've been doing the C25K program and am loving it. I have finished it once and am 3/4 of the way of finishing it for a second time. I have always ran on a treadmill due to the CRAAAZZZY Kansas weather, for real it was 80 degrees yesterday and today it was 32 degrees, windy, then it rained, then we had a severe thunderstorm then it was sleeting/snowing, then it was freezing rain all with the occasional hail storm and high speed winds mixed in. Why Dorothy was in a hurry to get back to Kansas, I will never understand. But back to running, So the last like 6? times I have run around a field in my back yard. Tonight crazy weather in tow, I was not going to let myself down, I had been working so hard at adjusting my self to "outdoor" running and  no way, NO WAY IN HELL! was I going to throw in the towel now!

Here I am outside at 1130pm (after I got off work)  putting in my miles in the adverse weather conditions. Nothing will stop me! 
I decked out in my "Storm" Under Armour Gear, Its GREAT! It is perfect cold weather gear, it is warm and fuzzy on the inside, water resistant on the outside and it traps your body heat and uses it to keep you warmer! It does a fantastic job too of keeping you nice and toasty:D 

Here's good view of my hoodie.
Learn more about "storm" gear HERE .

So out I went in sleet, as freezing rain slapped me in the face, my nose was cold and I could see my breath, but that didn't phase me. The sky was crazy dark blue black with a rosy pink swirl and the weather didn't go easy on me. But music turned up I pounded the pavement, as a sense of self accomplishment arising with every step. Then Lights by Ellie Goulding came on and there is this one part that says  "and I tell myself that I'll be strong"
and I did, I told myself to be strong. Then I started belting the lyrics as they came out horribly due to my breathlessness I had during my pace. I didn't care, I felt EMPOWERED! I felt great! I threw my hands in the air and yelled "AND I TELL MYSELF THAT I'LL BE STRONG'' and I kid you not, at that moment in time the weather cleared, all rainy gunky stuff stopped falling, the wind came to a screeching halt, the song ended and in that brief 3 second pause between songs all I could hear was my feat slamming down on the wet pavement and my heavy breaths coming out and It was in that moment in time I felt so proud. I was so proud of myself that I started smiling like a dummy and whether it was due to the weather on my face or just pure happiness I shed a tear. That feeling right there, that brief euphoria  I felt, made every single mile I had logged worth it. I just can't describe how amazing I felt and feel. Then the next song started, the wind began to blow and the rain fell and began to freeze. But it could have started to blizzard and it couldn't of ruined my mood. My pace picked up and I strode through the rest of my run. 

I can do anything that I set my mind to and so can you! Your body is capable of anything you want it to do, it's your brain that tells you to quit, or give up or sit down because you can't go any further. 
It lied.
You can, tell yourself you will be strong and go! Go the extra mile or pick your pace up, whatever it is. But don't be discouraged.
You can do it. I NEVER thought I would actually be on this journey of weight loss and training for a 5K, but here I am. I always said "oh I'll start tomorrow", and tomorrow never came then finally it did. And I haven't looked back since. Determination becomes Motivation, Motivation becomes Habit and Habit becomes Success. Rinse and Repeat. 
 So get up, get out there and tell your body that you can, when it says you can't. Prove it wrong, prove yourself wrong.

And tell yourself that you'll be strong.

- J

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