Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So You've Only Lost ONE Pound?

In anyones journey to lose weight, get in shape, tone up, or whatever their individual goal maybe, there remains a common enemy:
the scale.
(duh duh duhhh!)

Well get over that fear, face it, embrace it, what ever it takes; hell, fake it til you make it.

See the scale only represents a number of mass, it doesn't represent the volume of space that it occupies. 

Losing a pound, a single, "measly"  pound, means you have BURNT off 3500 calories!
So if you have lost a pound, congratulations, you have obviously made a change of some sort whether it was cutting calories or adding in exercise.

This is what different amounts a fat look like. Still disappointed about the few pounds lost?

Muscle and fat weigh the same amount, muscle is just firmer and takes up A LOT less space!
Which would you rather have?
Don't be disappointed when you go gain weight or the scale doesn't move but you have lost inches. 
Inches are as important as pounds, if not more important, the help reflect the toning and development of muscles.

Everyone, please, PLEASE don't be discouraged about the number on the scale. So what you've only lost one pound, its still a big deal!!!

Every time I lose, even just ONE pound, I celebrate.
I congratulate myself, let myself know how proud I am, and I hold my head up a little higher. I use that as motivation for the next workout or the next time I'm tempted for a bad bad meal. I remind myself that I have come this far already, I have lost 31 pounds, and I worked my ASS off to lose each one of those suckers and I'm not about to wreck it, nothing tastes as good as victory and success. I can always relive the feelings of accomplishment I have but I only get to eat that *insert bad food of choice here* that one time and in minutes its gone. Self confidence and pride is something that lasts all day and longer. 
Don't be discouraged about how long it takes to reach your goal, the time is going to pass anyways.

One pound lost is still one pound lost. 

You can do it. 
Now Do it.


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