Monday, April 15, 2013

The Process is so Much Stress But it's the Progress that Feels the Best

Here I am! Im make progress  by the mile!
I have managed to drop 2 more pounds, and I have gotten my mile time to 11.5 minutes per mile, not to shabby for only running for a few months! 
I ran 2.14 miles in approx. 25 mins yesterday, no stops, up hills, down hills, and on lots of different surfaces. 
I'm feeling really proud of myself!

So I posted this picture to my facebook, I usually post them on there when I feel like i'm looking like I have made progress on my weight or even just losing inches and getting some muscle tone. And well so many people liked it and commented on it and dang it was such a good feeling to hear all the support and encouragement! That really helps keep me going when I don't want to. Some people have even called me inspiring in comments on my pictures or statuses or through texts or private messages and I'm just.. Honored. I never thought of or would call my self a inspiration. I'm just a girl who decided this year she was going to run a 5k and get healthy. I never set out to do this for anyone but me, and I feel thats important. If you set a goal for others it will be harder to keep, I set this goal for me myself and I because I wanted to do something, I don't care if people hate on me or support me (I prefer support) I'm just going to do me!
People have been asking for my help choosing workouts or with help on how to choose and prepare healthy foods, and I am all for helping I will help any one who wants the help. Not to show off but if someone wants to better their life by making healthier choices then I will support them a 110% No questions asked. Support really makes a difference. Now with people who see me as an inspiration  I push myself a lil harder because I don't want to let others down let alone myself. I know my body is capable of whatever I tell it too and that I'm tired mentally long before it really is physically and I have to overlook that and look towards the finish line.

Im literally just so blessed to have such supportive people in my life!!

Here are some of my new workouts Im incorporating:

And no I don't do every single work out I post everyday. I run at least 3 days a week and do 2-3 quick little workouts after and the days I don't run I pick random workouts to do for 30 minutes or more. I do all my workouts in my living room with my small set of free weights, resistance bands and furniture, and I run outside. I figure if I can loose 30+ pounds with out a gym then any one can with or with out a gym. So don't let no gym membership be an excuse to keep you from bettering yourself!

(find these and other workouts under "work it out" tab or click HERE )

12 reps each repeat 2-3 cycles

And my prayers go out to those injured and effected by the Boston Marathon Bombing, such a terrible thing. Incredibly sad, I hope for fast healing and an easy grieving for those and their families! Much love Boston Runners and Spectators!

- J

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