Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bring On The Kettleball

                           Ooooh baby, I've found me a new favorite!

                                               The kettleball!

 I was looking for a new workout to add to my mix and well my free weights needed a new friend! So Kettle ball it was!

I did my first workout with it and dang! I like it! It doesn't feel crazily intense when your doing it but you feel it working new and different parts of your muscles and you feel an accomplished 'burn' after you set that baby down! Since I am just beginning my journey with the Kettle ball I only have one solid workout I found and liked. You do each move 10-15 times and then repeat 2-3 times! Easy enough right! Also after doing this routine I did 50 Russian twists and 30 French curls! The possibilities are endless! You can use them with your squats or lunges to up the difficulty or even with crunches!

                                                     Do you kettleball?

- J

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