Friday, February 21, 2014

Road Trip, Randomness & Giveaway Winner!!


I've really been counting down the days this week.
 Not because of work, but because after three weeks of waiting, a few mishaps and a pile of stress- our car has arrived. 

But more on that in a minute...

Monday was my Blogaversary of One solid year of blogging, holy moly it's flown by and to celebrate I'm giving away $70 via pay pal to a lucky winner. $1 for every pound I've lost and to celebrate my readers, because now my mom isn't my only reader(HI MOM!).

Drumroll please...

The winner is..



 I sent you an email, you want to check your spam folder. If you don't get one, comment below or send me one, so I can get you your moolah!

Thank you for all of you that follow me and read my blog(:

Now back to the car. 
Holy wow.
 Its been a journey getting this. The hubs and I had a specific look picked out that we wanted. We knew every last detail we wanted. We wanted a 2014 Subaru Impreza 2.0i Sport Hatchback Premium in Satin White Pearl with dark grey interior. Pretty simple right? We thought so. It takes a lot to give me anxiety and this last week I had my first bout of an anxiety attack. I'm working a minimum of 50 hours each week for the next few weeks, the hubs is working 60 hours and we each get Friday off. This was our one shot to get the car. (dealership is a little over 2 hours away) We told the dealer what day of the week worked best for us, and they insured us it'd be no issue at all. So okay we send the down payment, they have to go pick the car up from Dallas because they don't have that particular one on the lot, but its no big deal, they had three cars to get from there anyways. Okay, we thought, this wont be to bad just a weekish of waiting...
First mother nature reared her ugly head and created a blizzard. That slowed transit down. Next, they had problems getting the certifications to get the car out of Texas. Then the day came, it arrived on the lot, we were stoked. Then we got the pictures, it was the wrong car. We called and asked about it, incase we got the wrong pictures....nope. Our car was still sitting in Dallas. The transit papers got mixed up and they picked up a car identical to the one they dropped off. We were disappointed. Then the first thing the salesman tells us is that we can just get some nice seat covers and we'd never notice the difference......Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
No thanks.
Next option is they get the right car for us.
Yes, yes please.
It became a clock game, they found one closer in Joplin Missouri, and they ordered it up Tuesday Night and the car arrived in Wichita last night.
Thank freaking goodness.

We are just so ready to have two vehicles again and to get the car we put up money for at the beginning of the month.

This may not be a big deal for some, but we'd gotten so worked up and excited that the wrong car showing up and possibly having to wait longer was like a sucker punch in the gut.

BUT That all comes to an end today.

We are leaving in a little bit for the great city of Wichita Kansas.

After we get the car, were going to kill sometime, and go visit my brother and sister in law. Then all of us are going out to a place called El Agave?

It's supposed to have some awesome mexican food. So we'll see :D

Speaking of food.. 
I've been growing a not so cute food baby.

I've been eating lots of gluten lately and my little pudgy pooch is starting to come back. So that means I've become a little relaxed with my diet, not bad just more carbs than needed. 

On an impulse I picked up the Advocare 10 Day Cleanse from my gym (they sell them so when I have crazy impulses, I can fulfil them) and started that yesterday. I've done the cleanse and the 24 day challenge before. I'm always out to try new things and I bounce around between Advocare, Cellucor, GNC, Complete Nutrition ect all the time. I like them all. So I'm hoping to kick the food baby to the curb and get back on track. To see my results from the first cleanse go HERE.

Now to end this on a happy note, I found this on Facebook and for some reason I laughed way to hard and way too much at this. I hope you enjoy it just as much!

What are your weekend plans??

Have a Fabulous Friday!


  1. Yay!! Thank you for doing this giveaway, but more importantly for inspiration and motivation!!

  2. oh em gee! I just laughed WAY tooo loud and Way too long at that picture!
    I am glad you are finally getting your car!!

  3. Ok, food baby reference made me giggle! Have fun with the new wheels!!

  4. Ugh I hope all the car nonsense got resolved! Sorry you have to deal with all that mess