Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Current Workouts and Life at a Gym

Happy Hump Day Lovelies!

Haha, guilty!

I've had some questions lately about what my workouts are looking like and so forth. Currently I'm training for a Half Marathon. I hope to be ready for one in May, and I should as long as everything goes as planned. So I've been following Hal Higdon's Novice 2 Half Marathon training program.

I'm on week six right now. It's been tough, I'm not going to lie. I'm not used to running such long distances. Up till when I started this, 3 miles was my 'long run'. But I'm really actually enjoying seeing how capable I am of running.  

On Mondays I have Strength and Stretch, I follow my MShell Bombshell strength workouts on this day just pausing every 15 minutes for a good deep 5 minutes of stretching. Wednesday's are X amount of miles or cross training, I'll run the miles then finish with either the elliptical, stepmill or bike for ten minutes just to change up the muscles being used. Thursdays I have a X mile run + Strength, I again follow one of my lifting schedules after I run. I love Saturday's, they are my Cross training day, so I'll hit treadmill, elliptical, bike, step mill and then hit some abs and agility moves with light weights.

Thursday's and Sunday's are my longest gym days and I do take the rest day on Friday. 

Now while I've taken up a gym membership, I've noticed a lot of different types of people at the gym and learned a few things. Then I read this article the other day via Pinterest:

So many of them are true, but there's one that they left off: THAT girl.

These are the girls that come to the gym in full makeup, there hair perfectly done and down. How do you workout with your hair down? They are wearing a sports bra and the matching yoga pants, or if you're really lucky: too tiny spandex. You also notice that the shoes look brand new, contain a form of animal print and coordinate with the outfit as well. BONUS- if the headband came with the set!

I just try to match so I don't look like I got dressed in the dark.

I'm like a sweaty ox at the gym. When I finish a workout I've manage to smear whatever makeup I have on because I use my shirt to wipe my face. My hair is a sweaty mess and quite honestly I've started to stink a bit because my deodorant is wearing down and I skipped the perfume bath in the locker room. 

Ladies, like Tatum said Monday: "So let’s stop being scared of lifting heavy weights, or looking and feeling strong.  We are, after all, just as capable and full of potential as anyone else."

This is why I'm sweaty. I don't let anyone intimidate me of make me feel less worthy. I have just as much right to be there as they do.

If you're new to the gym, don't let anyone scare you out. Come into the place like you own it and do your thing!  Most gyms have people there that will help you learn how to use machines or proper technique. 

The most important thing I've learned is time management. When I'm following a DVD at home, there's a constant flow of instructions and what to do next. When I'm at the gym, I have to be my own motivation. I'm the one that has to tell myself to push harder and what to do next. That is why it is oh so important to bring/plan your workout before hand. Know what machines you're going to use, know the time you want to do or how many reps/sets.

And for those worried about people "watching" you. They really aren't. This was one of my biggest fears. I was constantly watching others out of the corner of my eye or in the mirror to see if others were watching me. Guess what? They aren't. I've noticed that they really don't care, others will acknowledge you and continue on with their workouts. The most communication I really have with other members are things like:
"You can change the music if you want."
"Are you using this bench?"
"Lookin' Good"
"Is it okay if I turn the Olympics on?"
And then I just get and give some head nods.

But no ones judging me. They are there with their similar goal and as long as you're not being rude to others and just do your thing, everything will be fine. I promise.

I'm also on day 6 of my current Advocare cleanse and its been nice. I needed to be strict and get my crap back together and eat better. When I do a cleanse the hubs is always keeping me in check, because he wants me to succeed, and when I'm not so lax with my diet he says he eats better. So I have to eat good so he will, or at least that's what he tells me. He's just a solid supporter and I'm thankful for that.

What intimidated you at the gym at first?
How do you keep yourself on track when you start to stray?

Happy Wednesday!



  1. I am just getting back to the gym after an awful ankle injury while playing volleyball last November. During the 16 weeks I have been recovering, I have managed to gain back 19 pounds, damn it! So, basically I am starting my journey over. The thing that worries me the most at the gym is that I jiggle.... a lot. I am always thinking about how I must look like an elephant running on the treadmill. I guess I don't care if people are staring, I am just so stressed out about what they must be thinking. I try to have that I don't give a shit what they think attitude...but it doesn't always work. Thanks for the post. I enjoy reading your blog and hope to have an inspiring story to tell about myself someday.

    1. Everyone has something that jiggles, when people see others at gym they usually just have respect for others that are working out(: just keep going!

  2. I am also training for a half marathon and was a little nervous about running and doing a strength workout. You make me feel more relaxed about the idea. Thank you!

  3. Love this post! I was SO intimidated when I first joined my gym (which was very recently). I quickly learned to just get over myself! Nobody cares about me...which is exactly how I like it!


  4. This cracked me up!! I am soooo the girl who judges the girl with all the make up on at the gym.
    One day I had tried out a new liquid eyeliner (winged eyeliner and all) before I went to the gym and forgot to wash it off first. Biggest mistake ever! First, I was like SHIT! I'm THAT girl! Second, I was super pissed that I had been stopped 3 times during my workout by guys coming up and talking to me. I'm not here for that! Leave me alone!

    Ps. I could never give up my heavy weight training while training for a race. Ever.

    1. Omg that's too funny! At least you know the eyeliner looked good on you;)

  5. You are killing that half training!!!!