Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines- The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Oh yeah, you all very well know that your social media news feeds will be filled with sappy statuses, engagement rings and the debby downers. Your offices will be filled with flowers and heart shaped cookies. 
 And in nine months hospitals will be filled with babies

The hubs and I will be doing the normal- a nice dinner and a movie. 

We're old school, yo.

So I'm not OBSESSED with this holiday or anything, frankly I think it's a "Hallmark Holiday" supported by flower, chocolate and condom companies. Not to be all raunchy sauce, but the first thing my local Wal Mart had up beside the Valentines card was KY "Date Night" Packs and Condoms... they beat the chocolate to the shelves. They also were the first to sell out. 

Just Weird.

But I do like the more deeper meaning behind the holiday. Like the fact of celebrating your love for someone special. I show my hub how much I love him throughout the year, but this day just gives me an extra excuse to do it up big. We just dress up for each other and go out for a nice time. 

How do you celebrate?

Now with all the sappy sappy love crappy in the air, we all need a good laugh.

These are also great non traditional cards you can send or give to your special someone.

I found all sort of varieties, Good, Bad and Ugly!
(Take no offense this is all in good humor, and well I have a dash of raunchy in my humor)


This is my favorite :D

Holly, This ones for you!

Which is your favorite?!

What are your plans for tonight?

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I'm torn between the tot one & the Voldemort one...I like them both.

    I don't get all excited about Valentine's Day but I do like the idea of getting dressed up & going out for dinner - very old school & I like it! :)

  2. Those e-cards are hilarious!!!!