Monday, February 10, 2014

Meditation and Yoga

Good Morning!

The weather is still a mess.
 It snowed on and off through out the weekend but finally, we're in the clear!
 The good ole weather man is calling for 50 degree weather this week and the winter shackles can start to loosen.

A little while ago I read about yoga and an instructor, Tara Stiles, in a woman's magazine. So I decided to look her up on YouTube.

She's on the Livestrong Woman's Channel with a series of videos, "The Yoga Solution". 

She has a TON of great videos with a wide range of times on them. If you have four minutes or you have thirty, there's a video on there that will work. I really like the meditation part and thats how I begin any yoga session.

I found this on Pinterest and thats what I follow to get mellow. 

So I'll do this for a bit then get into a yoga video. There are all sorts of types of yoga from stretching to weight loss. I really enjoy the stretching ones afterworkouts and the relaxing ones before bed.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

I have trouble getting to sleep sometimes, so I started doing the Deep Sleep routine about a half hour before bed and it helps so much!

Do you do yoga?
Whose your favorite yogo 'guru'?


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  1. I need the one for deep sleep every night. I just watched a bit of it and her voice is so soothing.