Friday, February 28, 2014

Weeks up; Link up!

TGIF Ladies!

This has been a super duper long week! I put in over 52 hours this week and Friday has never looked so good before! I'm ready for a day off of grocery shopping! But I'm not ready for the 8ish inches of snow they are calling for this weekend. I'm so tired of this manic weather. I want 60+ degree weather and I want it NOW! (Check back with me when it's a 100+ and I'm missing this ) Gotta love Kansas weather.

Today I'm linking up TWICE. Yeah, I can't resist a good link up. First up is 5 on Friday with Darci at The Good Life Blog. Where gonna talk the 5 things about weight loss/lifestyle things that no one tells you.

Say bye bye boobies.
Yup, those were the first place I lost weight. When I was heavier I was a full 36C, then about 60lbs down I had to give in and except the fact that it was time to downsize. Now I'm sitting comfortably at a 36B. It was kind of a bittersweet thing.  I mean I was like yeah! weight loss, but darn not from there.. But it's okay, life goes on and I got over it :)

Your once favorites can and will now make you sick.
I loved fast food and I loved everything unhealthy. Now If I try to eat it, it NEVER agrees with me. Even if I eat it in moderation, it never fails to turn my stomach upside down and make me want to curl up in a ball and punch Ronald McDonald in the face.

Clothes will become a "grey" area.
There will come a point, where your current clothes and two big and engulf you BUT the next size down is still too tight. It might zip but a muffin top is peaking at you. This is like the limbo of weight loss, you are ready to move on but your body has to go on a few more days/ weeks before that next size is comfortable.
I hate weight loss limbo.

Somebody, somewhere will make up a rumor about you and how you lost the weight. Sure 99.9% of people will congratulate you and be awed by your progress, but there is that .1% that is jealous or just bored. Those are the one that makes up the rumor. Mine? A few old co workers of mine ( who would start the fad diets back in my diet cycling days with me) decided that there was no way changing my eating habits or working out could be the cause of my weight loss. Nope. I was anorexic. I never laughed so hard before I heard that. I was just amazed at that thought. I'm in no way wasting away, endangering my health and well I'm an eater. But I laughed it off and moved on, because me and all my friends and family, know the truth.

There will be loose skin, stretch marks or both.
This is just normal, if your skin over stretched itself like mine did, you will more than likely have stretch marks. I have them and I have loose skin. Now without surgery, your only option to minimize the appearance of these is to KEEP GOING. I continue to workout and life weights to help shrink up my skin, and I moisturize my skin to help reduce the vibrancy of stretch marks. If you choose surgery, that is great for you. However,  it is possible to shrink up the skin with continued work. And with everything there is always an exception. Now with extreme amounts of weight loss, there is a need for skin removal, and by no means is having this procedure make you less strong. Any one becomes strong when they decide to make their life healthier. I just hope to get my tum tightened up with continued work.

And now Link Up numero dos! This is a fun one for sure. The finish the sentence link up with Jake and Holly!


1. I always pick Law & Order and no pants over going to the movies.

2. Look at the size of those Reese's Eggs, seriously I saw a 2lb bag at Walmart.

3. I recently learned that watching Dr Who before bed can create some vivid dreams.

4. Only when no one is looking do I pick my wedgies at the gym.

5. I lost my drinking gene. I hardly ever drink since I turned 21.

6. I was certain I was gonna be an actress, I was gonna be a star, I was gonna shake my ass on the hood of white snakes car. Oh wait that was Debbie...

7. There is not enough liquor in the world for me to ever become a nudist.

8. I just finished licking the gingerbread flavored Chapstick off my lips.

9. Why does everyone have to be an adult at some point, can't we stay young with no responsibilities forever? Peter Pan was lucky..

10. It's very rare when I wear pants. It has to be below freezing before I break out pants. Shorts are the main choice after work for me.

11. If I were a dog I'd poop in my enemies shoes.

12. I don't believe that with all our technology, that there is any reason why I shouldn't have a hover craft or a robot maid named Rosie.

What are your weekend plans?

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm actually looking forward to losing a little boobage (is that a word?)! Mine aren't huge, but they are uncomfortable when I run, and some shirts look funny when buttoning them. Oh, and when I lose more weight, I'm going to make up a rumor about myself---how I lost weight by not eating sh*t and moving my a$$! Happy Friday!!!

  2. Runs to WalMart for the 2 lb. bag of Reese's... ;)

  3. This made me laugh! I had HUGE boobs naturally and I hated them. In fact I had reduction surgery. Then I started exercising and lost 50 lbs. Then they were uber-deflated and sad. So what did I do...I had them enhanced. ridiculous.

  4. I may have to buy some new running shoes this weekend. I am finishing up week 6 of C25k, and am feeling the pain. I did okay on the treadmill, but I decided to change it up last weekend and run outside on the concrete. That was a way different experience. I enjoyed it more, but my muscles and joints did not. I really enjoy running, but I feel like I am just too overweight to do it. I am in serious need of some motivation and/or advice.