Friday, February 7, 2014

Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday, Wuv Trueee Wuv.

Please tell me you've seen The Princess Bride and get the spelling of the title?

If not, you should go get that movie and watch it, its GREAT!

But in the mean time..
Happy Friday.

Today is tax day for us.

We are going to H&R Block later this afternoon to file. I know I'm getting older when I get excited to file my taxes. Maybe I'm just weird.. 


After that we are off for an afternoon of errands, Walmart and then a dinner date.
 Oh the exciting life we lead.

We wish we would be off to pick up our car, but its looking like it won't be in til mid week.

Damn it winter storms.

Now brace yourself I have more serious post coming at you, It's been bouncing around my mind lately...

I see a lot of people talking about young marriages.

"Don't get married young" 
"Get married before your too old"

Everyone has their opinions and there's all these statistics that say it won't work and why it won't.

I think it's a crock of shit.

A marriage will work when the two people are ready for it to work.

 End of story, age, gender and race don't matter, the love and commitment are what counts.

I met my husband when I was 18 and he was 21. We dated for a year, were engaged for a year and now we've been married  for a year and half. So we were married at age 20 and 23.

Now I'm not saying that there is a certain age that people should be when they get married, I believe each individual knows whens it right for them. I also believe that no one should rush into it any faster than they can handle. 

The hubs and I are part of the statistics of young marriages. The world, the media and everyone with an opinion have all these reasons why our marriage won't work but they don't ever highlight the things that make us stronger.

Reasons why getting marriend young was a good choice for us:

We never stopped dating. 
We still surprise each other with gifts for no reasons, make dinner plans, plan romantic evenings, we continue to "whoo" each other. Thats a huge deal I think, you have to keep that spark burning, just because you say "I do " doesn't mean the effort stops. 

We are maturing together.
We get to figure out all the big decisions in life together, neither one of us have strong opinions on things yet so we get to figure it out together and 99% of the time we form the same or similar opinions.

Neither of us our set in our ways.
 We both started our home together, not one to the other, we choose how to decorate it, how to run things and how we operate daily, together. Neither One of us had to completely change or give up things to make the merger easier. It was easy for us to grow into full blown adults without having to make big sacrifices on how we like to run our home and so forth.

Its more of an adventure
We were both young enough that some big life moments haven't been reached yet. Now we get to experience them together. Like buying our first car. Neither one of us has had a new car yet, and thats something we get to be excited about together. I got to celebrate my 21st birthday with my husband and my college graduation. We also don't have a set homestead yet. We have a bit more freedom being young with a few less responsibilities than some others, like we haven't been at our jobs for long bouts of time, we don't have children and so forth. So when we choose where we want to move we don't have to worry about as much when it comes to moving.

We are each others best friend
We were young when we met, so we started out as just friends, we had the same circle of friends. This let us go through a bit more of a friendship first before starting out romantically. This has also allowed us to know a lot about each other. Not that getting married later in life determines if you can be friends or not, but we had a friendship that we built or relationship on. We've got to grow up together and support and love each other each step of the way. Which ties bask into the maturing together thing.

Now these are just my opinion and my opinions on my own marriage. I strongly believe that each person knows who and when is right for them.

How old where you when you got married?
Best piece of advice you've learned?



  1. I'll be 26 and so will my fiance when we get married. I wouldn't have it any other way, but I admire couples who get married very young.

  2. I just got married last August and I was 27, my husband 27 as well. We've been together (off and on) since we were 19. I've been ready to marry that boy since I was 19 haha, but had to wait for him to ask the question. It took nearly 8 years, but the wait was worth it.

  3. We have been married for almost 9 years. I got married at 30. My husband is the same age as me and was married previously. I am happy I waited till 30 but then again, I didn't meet him until I was 28, so that's when I met the man I was going to marry. We all meet that person at different times in our lives and you can never go on what anyone else is doing. Its your life and you have to follow your own path.

  4. Not only did I "get" that spelling, I have the words "have fun storming the castle" in vinyl above my front door! Love your take on marriage! Congratulations on finding a formula that works well for you. Great pics BTW

  5. Love this! I got married at nineteen and my husband was twenty. We are still going strong almost 14 years later! Age ain't nothin' but a number...

  6. My husband and I got married a year after we graduated from high school. We dated from 8th grade on with one short break out junior year and just knew it was right. We will be celebrating our 13th anniversary in August! We had our first child a year after we were married and another 3 years later but we still get our time away thanks to my parents. It may be cliche but we truly do fall more and more in love each year as we grow.