Friday, November 29, 2013

Santa Baby...{{5onFriday}}

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, I will start in on the Christmas train,


I love Christmas. Not for the gifts or the kill-yourself-for-a-five-dollar-toaster-after-thanksgiving-sale but for the spirit that is becoming lost. I like helping people, making people happy and enjoying time with family. 

THe hubs and I have our silly winter traditions, that I CANT wait for!

On Christmas eve, we attend Christmas eve service, do gifts and dinner with my parents than we always watch A Christmas Story for the 24 Hour marathon, build a gingerbread house, go sledding and cuddle watching Christmas movies. Then we fall asleep to A Christmas Story on one tv and the ule log on the other!

What do you do?


I'm not above getting a present orrrr two.


So now let's talk presents.

I don't really NEED anything, accept a new car- we could use one of those. But outside of that, I have a few things I wouldn't mind the hub have waiting under the tree for me...

These boots were made for me...

They shimmer. I like sparkly.
A lot.

I've been looking for the perfect neutral colored riding style boot and these babies are the winner.


The hubs and I haven't ever really followed football. Until now.
Once we started talking about moving up there some football fanatics told us how good they thought the seahawks were. So we decided to take up watching and following them. They are very good and hot damn this season they are doing SMASHING!!!! Of course any fan needs the appropriate fan gear right?!

We have had the same bedding set since we started dating..its over three years old. Its comfy yes, but I want something new and that we picked out together.. Okay yeah he just said yeah that ones fine when I should him but thats better than an ICK thats fugly... This comforter set just looks so elegant and silky comfy.. I want to slither in it right meow.


Ive been looking into getting some sort of fitness tracker and I keep seeing the FitBit Flex pop up so naturally it has made its way to my list.. and its pink.



I told you I like Shiny!

I feel like my squats would be even better if my quads or better yet my entire but region shimmered with each drop!

Its performance, I swear, I KNOW my squats will improve with these!...

This awesome link up as always is brought to you by the always classy Darci at The Good Life Blog

Whats something on your list?

Have a great day, don't get trampled if you go out shopping!



  1. I love those boots, they would go with everything! I have seen the FitBit every where, but haven't actually read up on it to know what it does.

    Happy weekend!

    1. I want those boots like miss america wants world peace!! HAHA

  2. I have the fitbit one.................I like how it tells me it loves me, (it really does) but I really do like it a lot

    1. Im really looking into them, im just horrible at making decisions!