Monday, November 4, 2013

Head Games {&Weekend Recap}

Happy Monday ya'll!

I can't believe it's already November! 

Holy freaking wow!

 So okay,


 I started this whole journey on January 1,2013 my goal was to loose weight and run my first 5K, the color run on June 1,2013. Having that goal in mind I was really able to commit and work hard. After the color run I decided I loved running and that 5Ks were great so I signed right up for the Glow Run on August 3,2013. Still in love with running I signed up for the Coronado Heights rRun on October 5,2013. Smoked my PR and got 2nd place in my age division. That right there is when the train started heading for derailment. I couldn't find any 5Ks near me to sign up for so I no longer was "goal" orientated I guess. My eating SLOWLY started to slip. Never bad just bored eating came back around. I'd been planning on doing the advocare 24 day challenge starting November 1st anyways so I guess my head was just dumbed up. Then we had some family problems be announced to us and that really fed into my stress levels. So I began eating some shit food here and there. Nothing to terrible just a candy bar here or there and I was eating my healthy desserts in double the portions. And that's when my trouble really began. Over the last two weeks I packed back on 6 ish pounds. No not a terrible amount, but it killed me. It hurt my pride, I beat myself up for it and that didn't help the stress or stress eating. I was down to 161 area sitting comfortably and then I packed the pounds back on. It's really hard for me to admit this too, because all though it's just a drop in the bucket compared to my success this year, it hurt me mentally because I felt I failed my self, failed everyone who looks to me for advice or inspiration. I forgot I'm only human. I forgot that the bored eating is in my head. That all these problems were due to just food, it stemmed from the stress I was holding in and dealing with. So I let it out, I confronted it and after two weeks of dealing with it I had to just let it out. I let it out, I cried I faced it all and let it go. I just decided I can't have it controlling me anymore. This eating thing is all a head game. It's in your mind, that's the impulses and desire for those bad for you comfort foods come from when you stressed or just emotional. I too soon forget how far I've come and that I'm only human. I need to take it easier on myself, and not let it get to me so bad. 

I knew I was starting this 24day challenge and I'm fully committing myself to follow the plan to a T no ifs ands or butts. I'm doing it through Michelle Davis an Advocare distributor/fitness competitor, she is seriously one of my fitness crushes! She obvi is with Mshell Fitness and I'm not hesitating to ask questions to make sure my eating is on point! It was really hard seeing that number in the scale( 167.8 UGH!) knowing that I had no one to blame but myself, it was hard having to take the before's and send them in for the challenge group. But it's okay ill make the most of this challenge! I also signed up for another 5K, the Frosty 5K for big brothers big sisters on November 23! I'm so happy to have a race to look forward to again!! I'm not going to let those two weeks mess up what I've worked so hard for this year.

 I have a whole new mindset and I WILL end this year just as strong as I started it!!


I always feel better when I come clean and what not on here because I know I've got some awesome people who support and encourage me! 

Now as for this weekend, the hubs took me on a surprise trip to the big city... Well bigger than where we live and we just enjoyed the day together, it was nice to just get out with no schedule and no plan! The hubs being the totes adorable hub he is, got my a pair of super cute Sperrys (on sale even!!) I'd been telling him I needed some sort of closed toe shoe for fall besides my flip flops and running shoes! He's just the sweetest. We also picked him up a new jacket the guys been slowing losing weight this year (over 20lbs!!) and his cold weather clothes just don't fit nice, he looked a little hobo-ish pulling on a jacket this weekend. So I spoiled him. Let him pick out any jacket  he wanted from one of his favorite stores. 

We are always "spoiling" each other in some little way. We never break the bank it's always budgeted for ;) (is it weird I factor in spoiling money each budget cause I know we are going to do it?! But yet it's always a surprise? Lol) I love that after 3 1/2 years together the spark that was there when we first started dating is still there. 

We went to bed an hour early Saturday night and spent extra time cuddles and even better(sorry hub) but we got an extra hour of sleep too! 

Gahhh I love fall daylight savings!!!! 

Tomorrow I'll post up some yummy new recipes I've made/discoverd. The last time I did a cleanse I ate boring and repeat meals, I wanted to keep it exciting this time with fresh ideas and keep trying new things!

(((heres some sneak peaks! Yummy chicken, string beans and "chutney" && As of Sunday morning I was down 8lbs, BOOM)))

 Also Wednesday I'll have my day 1 pictures for you and some more about the challenge and me and how my last week of T25 is going!

I'm so excited to be back in a good mind set and we all know this fall cuddling weather(or food!) doesn't make it easier!

How was your weekends?
What's your goals for the end of the year? 



  1. Still one proud Momma!! We all have set backs ,they just make us stronger. Keep positive thoughts. Always here for you. Love and hugs.

  2. I realize beating myself up just wastes time, I try to now focus on what I can do to change my habits. I think you are going to be fine! Can't wait to hear how the 24 day challenge goes!

  3. Thanks for being honest with your readers. That's one of the things I admire the most about you, you don't sugar coat shit. Great job getting back on track with the challenge!

  4. I love how real you are! You've got this! I'm so excited to see your results from the Advocare challenge. Have a lovely week =D

  5. It's just a lapse, not a relapse - great quote from a Weight Watchers leader. Good idea finding another race. I don't know how many they have for us people that live in winter climates, suppose I should start looking.

  6. You're human, these things happen! I admire you for getting back your focus so quickly. I have been in a slump for quite some time and this post is just what I needed to focus again and move myself in a healthier direction! :)