Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Healthy Happy Holidays {W.O.W}

Happy Wednesday my friends!

I'm back for a link up with Skinny Meg for Workout Wednesday!

With the holidays fast approaching, family meals, lots of traveling and will power being weekend by home made treats. I got some great quick and effective workouts for you that can be done ANYWHERE

So no excuse not to workout just because your away from home. And if your like me, if you keep up with working out, it makes you more inclined to eat better.

Cheers to avoiding food coma!

I've tried all these out and they are simple, easy to get through but are sure to do the trick!

It's so important to keep yourself motivated when there are all these temptations around you, and don't think you cant have some, just dont eat them all! Enjoy yourself not set yourself into misery!

A little off subject here but I want these shirts, ALL OF THEM!!!

These would keep me motivated!! 

Whats your favorite travel workout?

How do you plan to beat the fat holidays?



  1. I plan to just everything I want for the holidays just in moderation, and still make sure to make working out a priority !


  2. Holidays? what are those?! I have every intention of still getting up before the family and getting some miles on the treadmill or outside while everyone snoozes! I don't to get out of the habit of my early mornings. Plus, the guilt for that tiny piece of pumpkin pie won't be too bad if I know I ran 3 miles that morning or so.