Monday, November 25, 2013

Race Day, Random Acts of Kindness and Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday Ladies !

So it's Monday, wah wah.

But I'm in spectacular mood!!

-what are you on?

Just still high flying from a great weekend.

Yeah I ran in Kiki La'rue tights cause I couldn't find my cold weather ones! 
I got a TON of compliments though!

Saturday I had a 5K in Salina for Big Brother Big Sisters, it was the Frosty 5k, and it was FROSTY. Holy wow it was 24 degrees with 14 mph winds, best part? the last .10 was straight into the wind! Even though it was cold it was still so much fun! I have to be honest here, I signed up for this race right before it turned cold and I've been a baby and haven't went running. Yes you read that right. I didn't prepare for this race like a good kid should. The last time I ran more than a few blocks was the 5K I did back on 10-5-13. BUT I only added around 40 seconds to my total time. Which Im very proud of meaning I didn't train, it was cold and with in the first minute I almost blew out my face on a railroad track. Yeah those railroad tracks that are "buried" in the cement... yeah, the rubber "toe" lip thingy on the front of my shoe caught the little lip of metal sticking up from the ground. I wailed around like a baby giraffe taking its first step but regained my balance and didn't let it phase me! My goals were to be under 30 minutes, do my best and not stop to walk. All my miles were under nine minutes. 

I really needed this run.

 This runners high everyone talks about- it does exist. I had been in a bit of a funk oh no no no dont funk with my heart as of late. I really think it had to do with my lack of runs. I forgot how freeing they are to me. Half way through the race I was up on cloud nine! I was reminiscing of why I started running and how far I'd the course looped and I saw these other ladies towards the back half of the wave giving their all, I smiled and gave thumbs ups to as many as I could. They were doing awesome. Yeah there were some people there that you could tell were annoyed by the fact that less fast people were in their "way" but they had just as much right and way more heart so they win. I finished the race proudly, grabbed some water and part of a banana and went to warm up in my car. I finished  6th out of 18 in my age group and 83rd out of 249. I was pleased with that. 

Still living on my high, I was off to the mall. I had to trade in a game at gamestop for the Hubs. He should be happy that running puts me in such a good mood -- I bought him a game he'd been eyeing but wasn't going to buy for awhile. Then I treated my self to a new winter head wrap and a pair of skull earrings.  Then the worst thing ever. I dropped my wedding rings off at Riddles to have them resized. I HATED leaving them behind, but after losing them last week and having a panic attack, I knew it was time to bite the bullet. So I'll pick those bad boys up the first weekend of December.
  I miss them! It's so weird my finger feels naked!!!

Naked hands and all I went and did my grocery shopping and browsing, the hubs hates how I browse so I took advantage of being by myself and did all the browsing I wanted! Hours later still feeling the high I was just out to be helpful and make some ones day. I was at Dillons getting ready to grab a cart and their was a lady from the local food bank standing by the shopping carts asking if anyone wanted to take a paper sack to donate an item or two. I saw around a dozen people tell her no and go on their way. This killed me. COME ON PEOPLE! The cart of donations sat beside her with just a few measly items in it. It broke my heart. I took the bag and filled it with some canned goods, Its the least I can do. I mean its the food bank, you never know when hardship will hit and you'll need there help!  While I was tackling my list a kind little old man approached me, out of all people I don't know why, the place was PACKED! He asked me where some things were that he needed for chili, his wife died and she always did the shopping and he just didn't know where to go. GAH it broke my heart. I helped him find them all and continued on. In the jam packed isles was a lady who couldn't reach the top shelf and was trying so hard to knock off the boxes of pudding into her cart, with no luck and as many store associates passed, I asked her if she needed a hand and got the pudding for her. Why some people are so hesitant to help others, I won't ever understand. I finished my shopping and hit up Starbucks drive thru on a way home and of course, I couldn't help myself- I bought the car behind me's coffee too. See I was raised in a working class family. We didn't have a whole lot, but my parents always gave or did what they could to help others. Thats what they taught me, help anyone and everyone because you never know when you could use help too. I'm even more in the generous spirit with the holidays approaching with all these sales and whoopla I think some people too quickly forget what the holidays are really all  about. 
Tis the season!

The hubs and I went out for dinner, where I gave Tilapia a go. OMG it's delicious, WHY HAVENT I TRIED IT YET!?!?! Oh lawdddy it was so good. New found love right here!!!! We returned home and I did some food preppin' and checked on bloglovin. And heres the thing, you guys are awesome!!!! I had gained some new followers and moved up on the up and coming fitness scale. It made me all warm and fuzzy.  When I started this blog I didn't think anyone would want to read it. I'm blown away by the friends I've made and the support I've had from everyone along the way. So THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Last but not least, this girl is ready for some new kicks....


Asics came out with Gel Noosa Tri NINE'S!!!!

What ya think of them?

I SUPER PUFFY HEART WITH GLITTER my tri 8' I need these babies in my life!

Won't the tri 9's fit right in with my current collection!?

Also I finished up my 24 Day Advocare Challenge yesterday, I'll have final results and pictures up on Wednesday so be there or be square!!

How was your weekend?

Are you ready for Turkey Day!?

As always


  1. I absolutely hate running in the cold I'm such a baby! lol And those shoes are sickkk

    1. I hate it to but since it was a race I put on my big girl panties! lol

  2. Congrats on your run! That's awesome!

    I love all the RAOK you did! I wish more people would help others…even just little simple things like that. Reading the things you did made my heart smile! :)

    Um, those shoes are amazzzzinnnggg.

    1. Thanks! I love those shoes and they are ordered!!

  3. Love love your new earwarmer! Wish you lived closer to me so I could have someone force me to get out of bed and go run a 5k! You go girl on the RAOK! That has been weighing heavy on my heart lately and I'm ready to take action!

    1. Its super cozy! Where do you live!?

    2. Its super cozy! Where do you live!?

  4. Gah you make me smile! I love your humor and this whole post just has me cheesin' that's pretty cool. Oh and I am the same way on the gro sto - if it is just me and I'm in a good mood I'm takin' my sweet time to see every thing on the shelves!