Friday, November 1, 2013

What I'm Looking Forward to Friday! {{5onFriday}}

Happy Friday Ya'll!!

Today I'm super duper excited and heres why:


Obviously its my day off so this girl will be sleeping in! I love sleeping in especially on cloudy fall days. I get the best sleep!


Hubby's day off too means cuddling and watching movies. We use Vudu because you only have to pay for what you watch! This also how we keep up on current tv shows.
Any good movie recommendations?!


I get SUBWAY! I SUPER PUFFY HEART WITH GLITTER The Subway Chopped Salads!! Yummy in my tummy!!!
Whats your favorite thing to get at subway?


I start my 24 day challenge today!! I can't wait for this! For some reason..(stress, work, personal life stress) I've been working out but my eating has been pretty, well, Shitty!! So I'm excited to jump start everything and get my accountability back on track!

I have developed a new love for Nuun. Its a tablet you add to water to get a sugar free sports drink feel and supplies your body with electrolytes! Its got an alkaseltzer effect but I really enjoy it!

Have you tried these bad boys? Whats your favorite flavor?

What are your Friday plans?


Have a wonderful weekend ladies!



  1. I've never heard of Nuun.. what's actually in it??

  2. Happy Friday to you!!! Wish I was sleeping in today. :)
    Hope your Subway salad is super yummy! I always get a 6in. wheat, ham/cheese, low fat mayo - always!
    Have a lovely weekend!!

  3. Visiting from 5 on Friday! I love Subway's chicken teryiaki on Italian Herb & Cheese, with lettuce, onion and southwest sauce. Delicious! Enjoy your weekend! :)