Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Monday! Birchbox, IL, and Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

Well this weekend was the big Chiefs/Broncos game.

Everyone was all Go Chiefs, or Kill em Bronco's and I was just over here, Go team no pants!

Yeah. Im not a huge football person. So all I cared about was getting off work so I could lose my pants. True story I don't like clothes. Not that I want to be seen nakey, but If I'm at home by myself, I prefer the birthday suit.

Judge me, go ahead.

This weekend was my hub's grandparents 66th wedding anniversary.

We went to a nice family dinner, chatted and gave them a kickass gift. I'm all for homemade presents and I seem to find a way to the heart each time. I wrote a poem about them and had it printed with one of their wedding pictures and then I decorated a floating frame and put it on a stand. They loved it! Which made me feel good. There is no better feeling than making someone else happy by way of your actions.
While we were at dinner I of course took a snapshot.
I am not above a bathroom selfie.

I just bought these jeans last friday, they fit just right. Now I can pull them  a good four inches away from my body. Thank you 24 day challenge and MSHELL Fitness! I couldn't believe it cause they scale hadn't really budged but the proof was in the puddin. Inches are awesome. I haven't taken any comparison pics nor have I remeasured. I'm saving it all for the 25th so I can be surprised!

Aldo because of my 24 Day challenge I was considering sneaking in my own chicken breast  and not knowing this restaurant  But I didn't. I did order grilled shrimp skewers with a plain side salad, no dressing and the side of veggies. I threw the tiny tiny bowl of veggies on the lettuce and chopped my shrimp into it and dressed it with mustard and hot sauce. It turned out to be great and very filling!

It was a good time.

The rest of the weekend was a lazy one.

We watched Grown Ups 2.





I love any and all Adam Sandler Movies though, but this one was great, just as good as the first. Any one remember this guy on the right from Mr. Deeds

His name is Billy St.John and I actually got to meet him earlier this year! Not Adam but that's okay!

In the mail my handy dandy Birchbox came.

Still waiting on Ipsy. But I'll take my Birchboxes until they completely suck.
To see past boxes and the Ipsy struggle go HERE.

This months box included:

Chella Latte Highlighter Pencil- I highlight daily, and I use a latte colored powder so this was a total home run for me.

Color Club Nail Polish In Navy Color- Not a big navy blue person but I love nail polish so I will find a way to incorporate it into a nail design someday!

Miss Jessie's Leave-in Condish - I really enjoyed her product for curly hair and this is a leave in conditioner for curly hair, which is what my hair is naturally.

Mox Botanicals Bath Milks- This was a great addition to a warm bath for the hubby due to his extreme dry skin.

Speaking of dry skin, I'm pretty sure he has eczema any one have some tips for relief? Lotions don't seem to quite do the trick.

Ahmad Tea London- I love tea so this also was a huge hit for me. I got Raspberry Black Tea, Jasmine Green Tea and English No 1 Black Tea. I can't wait to try them! I super puffy heart with glitter tea.

Not to bad over all but still just not impressed anymore.


Well this weekend also came with some downfalls, please remember to pray for those affected by the Tornado in IL. 

To help those in need please give your prayers or a donations. 
Each are equally helpful.

With that being said, how was your weekend?

- J


  1. Sounds like a pretty great weekend! I can't wait to see Grown Ups 2, but I'll probably wait until it hits the Redbox. I'm cheap like that. :) Such awful, sad news for Illinois. We had some bad storms in KY, but NOTHING like that. Praying for those!

  2. I also have eczema...I use Cortisone 10 - Intensive Healing when I have an outbreak :) It's about 6.50 at Wal-Mart :)

  3. My daughter has eczema and we use Vaseline on her at night. It really seems to help, but she is a greasy kiddo, so long pants and long sleeves are a must.