Wednesday, November 27, 2013

24 Day Challenge Results & Carb Cycling Decision! {{WOW Link Up}}

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I could totes take my time here and bore you with an introduction today, but I know most of you are here to see my kick ass results from the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.




drum roll please...

I busted down and from 11-1 through 11/24 I pushed hard and worked out hard to get the best results I could with the Challenge and to kick my eating habits back into full good mode!

Now here are the results:
It was a 9.6 lb loss and about 17 total inches lost.


Note: I am not "sucking in" in these pictures, this is just my stomach first thing in the morning before eating or drinking and after a workout. I do get food baby after eating and like most I have extra skin that makes a little poochy pooch.

So what do you think?!
To see my results from my previous 10 day cleanse go HERE
HERE is my before post on the Challenge

Now that I've finished the challenge I have decided to jump into carb cycling to help keep up the weight loss and toning! 

I'm doing what Chris Powell calls the Turbo Cycle. 2 days of low carb days followed by one high carb day repeating for 6 days. The 7th day is my "free" or Cheat day.

On low carb days I'm supposed to be aiming for 1200 calories with low amounts of carbs and on high carb days I'm looking to be at 1500 calories with a high carb intake. On my Free day I'm allowed an extra 1000 calories, so 2200-2500 with a normal carb intake. Ive read the book, I've researched online and I've seen other bloggers who are having success with it. So hell I thought why not. I started on Tuesday, so today is my 2nd low carb day and lucky for me Turkey day is my high carb day. 

Workout wise I'm still doing T25. And once my new kicks get here, I'm going to suck it up and start getting my weekly runs in again. 
I'm such a slacker!! 

I hope to see some good results from carb cycling. I will do an update after 1 week of it to see if I have been able to tell a difference. 

If anyone out there has any info, tips on carb cycling or can direct me to some good websites, I'd sure appreciate it!

I really want to keep in to some sort of cycle besides just "clean"er eating. These holidays are gonna be tough. This is my first bouts as a healthy person during the season of fatty sugary delight. Last year I was pigging out and passing out on the couch while stuffed into a pair of sweats. This year I have a lovely outfit to wear and I'm going to enjoy myself and enjoy small amounts of all my favorite foods and incorperate some healthy options for myself too. I refuse to let my self blow all my hard work and gaining the Turkey ten, Santa seven and ending the year with the hopes of starting new on 1-1-14. I started this year off with a bang and baby I'm ending it just as big! Next year will be even better, I can feel it!!!

For those of you who follow me, I will have a short little post up tomorrow morning, and those who don't check into electronics on Holidays, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving now :D I will be up on Instagram tomorrow, because I'm a picture addict. 

We are having Lunch with the Hubs family and Dinner with my parents, what are your Turkey day plans?!

Have a wonderful Wednesday loves!


  1. Yay amazing results! You look so good not to mention you look like you feel better!

  2. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing your wonderful results. Congratulations!!

  3. You look fantastic girl!! Such an inspiration!! :))

  4. You look great!!! Amazing results!! I'm thinking about doing the 24 day challenge after the holidays! ;) Good job girl!

  5. Wow girl, I can tell a HUGE difference! You look incredible! Keep on inspiring all of us through the holidays! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Holy crap!!! Awesome results!!! Great job :)

  7. Thanks everyone!! I'm so blessed with all of your support!!!

  8. I am very Interested in following your carb cyle journey...this is something I would like to try as well! Good Luck!!