Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Work(out) Smarter, Not Harder {{W.O.W Linkup}}

I don't know about you but i'm feeling 22 but this week is draaaaagggggginnnnnngggggg on.

Maybe its because I've had to work extra extra hours or because Fridays payday and my grocery shopping date with the hubs. 
Is it sad I look forward to grocery shopping to spend extra quality time with my hubby?

But I'm over this week for sure

I have a class I have to go to in Council Bluffs IA in October with a co-worker and we'll be sharing a hotel room and I was warning her that I work out when I wakeup, in the evening and yoga it up before bed. She wants to join in with me and she is going to be in for it. Haha.
I'll give her booty a bustin'! 
But as we were talking about this class and trip and so on, other coworkers including her kept throwing up excuses as to why they don't workout and CANT workout.


They're all like Ain't nobody got time fo dat
and I'm all like Aint nobody got time fo excuses.

Thus inspiring todays Workout Wednesday Post for the Link up with Skinny Meg!

In a business training program I took, they stressed work smarter, not harder. Basically just think how to maximize your potential in a shorter time to maximize profit. Now I've taken that concept and applied it to my workout regimen.

 What are two things that almost EVERYONE has?

A computer and a smartphone.

We all have breaks, downtime, lunches, dead space in our days. We all have ten minutes here and there. Thats what I've maximized to maximize my metabolism and workouts.

Fit Sugar has TONS of ten minute workouts that will kick your ass. I sweat just as much if not way more after doing a couple of these than after a long run or anything else. The instructors maximized the workouts to fit fat burning booty sculpting moves into ten minutes.

I start each day after I roll out of bed with 1 or 2 of their videos. If I have extra downtime at workout, I break one of these babies out in the back on my phone. I do a 2-4 a night after my Focus T25 workouts. I'll even do one after my shower if I still got a hankering for a workout. You can do them anywhere that there is a computer or a cell phone.

There are 7 videos I LOVE.
I have them in my favorites on my mac and on my phone.
They range from beginner to advance and work all parts of the body.

I also like the variety and I like to mix and match to keep up with muscle confusion. Thats where you change up workouts so your body doesn't get too used to a certain workout and then it doesn't give you the results you want.

Here they are:

There are TONS more 10 minute workouts and longer videos as well on this site and it offers great fitness articles too. These videos are just some of my current favorites.

I challenge each of you to do at least ONE of these videos today.

go on now and work it out, work it out now, all by yo'self

How do you workout when your pinched for time?

A little bit random, but am I the only one out there who takes random after workout pictures and makes cray cray faces??

Heres some of mine from the last few days...

Now for some self bragging. When I began my journey this year, my big ass was squeezed into size large Nike shorts. When I was down 50lbs for my first 5K back in June, I went down to mediums. Now I'm down almost 20 more pounds and have super toned and gained muscle and I'm pretty sure I'm ready for smalls. These will be the first pair of small shorts I have ever owned. 
I'm a little excited.
Can ya tell?
I really just wanna get rid of the soggy wet diaper butt I got going on here..

Whats your self bragging moment today??

TGIW... hurry up Friday! 
No one likes Thursday anyways...

As always


  1. Smart move breaking the workouts into 10 minutes! I need to try some of those because sometimes I just want a quicky strength workout before my run! Look at you in them smallllssssssssss!! Go Jess Go!! <3

  2. I can't remember where I found Fit Sugar originally, probably Pinterest (go figure!). I do really like their workouts though. Even though I'm a SAHM with quite a bit of time now that the kids are in school, I still really like small workouts. I do several, several times a day! Like you said, who can really say they don't have 10 minutes!