Monday, September 9, 2013

Motivation-Meet Me Monday Mash Up

Hello Wisconsin! 

Or wherever you are

It's everyones favorite day again!

Well it doesn't bother me cause I start my week on Sunday's so I'm already back in the swing. But I have been KILLER busy. I worked 11.5 hours today like a champ. Gotta make the public happy! And I'm going to use this to make a valid point to the whiners out there, that " don't have time ". Well kiddo's I worked 11.5 hours, worked out for a little over an hour, made supper, packed the hubs and I's lunches for work, did the dishes, folded laundry, picked up the house, showered, wrote this post and still had time to kick it old school, YO.

What's your excuse again?

Does anyone else wake up in the morning and stumble out of bed walking like a drunken baby giraffe in high heels, or is it just me? 


It's just me.

Well grab your cup of coffee, or whatever your morning caffeine drug of choice is and pull up a seat! I'm going to start up a new thing for Mondays, well most Mondays: Motivation-Meet Me Monday Mash Up.

Say that three times fast.

It's where I'm going to throw out some fitness tid bits, motivation picture/quotes and just some random tidily winks to help all ya'll get to know me a bit better. Feel free to do your own post like this and comment or email me the link, I'd LOVE to get to know more of you better! I for real love connecting with all of you! 

Thats why I love my Instagram!



I'm in love with these jeans, mainly because it's the smallest size I've owned since like Jr High....
I feel FIERCE! haha.

This girl right here "tried" to lose weight for the wedding. That girl tried Body By Vi- doesn't work when you have the meal REPLACEMENT shake as a dessert...she tried Insanity and started 6-7 times and never finished the first week and cheated on half the video anyways. That girl is gone though! The girl who works her ass off to be fit and healthy has gladly taken her place.

I don't drink soda or sugary drinks in general or alcohol...weird I know, I just don't really care for the taste.. This is what my drinking consists of water, Spark, Mio, Rehydrate, Meal Replacement shakes (used properly now!), peppermint tea, regular tea and on occasion skim milk/almond milk/soy milk which ever one sounds good during the shopping experience.

Random Fact. I have an obsession with a good smelling house. I love Scentsy, candles, febreeze, those cinnamon pinecones at christmas..My house always smells like you imagine a house in the magazine if I could only get it to look like one...

I'm in LOVE with my guns arm muscles right now. Prepare for some serious flexin' outside of flex it Friday. I don't know if I can contain myself to one day a week of flexing...

Oh yeah this girl Started WEEK 2 of a Shaun T program (T25) And she is not half ass-ing any minute of it! BOOM. Pretty damn proud.

For extra motivation I keep quotes as my lock screen on my phone so everytime I see my phone I'm reminded to spit out the cupcake. Nah just kidding I wouldn't spit out cupcake, that'd be wasting...
But it does help to remind me to stay on track.

Asic Gel Noosa Tri 8's are the shoe of choice in this household. I have 2 pairs and the hubby has one. I will be getting another pair before the end of the year...I like to retire them before they are worn out so I always have a back up pair. These are seriously the most comfortable shoes I have ever ran in. Although I want to get a pair of somethings just for some average day tennis shoes vs wearing out my expensive runners...I'm weird, I know.

Any recommendations on some average priced, comfortable cross trainers?

I could eat my weight in fresh garden salad. I don't put cheese or dressing on my salad, instead I use low fat cottage cheese!

Favorite salad topping?

These are my top 5 workout songs at the moment. They make me want to push harder!!!
What song gets you up and going??

Victoria's Secret is a weakness. I love their beauty products, especially their lotions!!

I don't use a gym. This right here is my gym. That and any piece of furniture I can use...

This is our only child. She is 10lbs of pure cuteness and thinks she's human. Yeah she takes showers, she sits at the table and will eat off of a plate, and sleeps with her head on a pillow and body under covers.. Taking her on a mile walk every night is what I do for a cool down.

This right here, I LOVE. Who doesn't want to hear that!!?!?!?

How are you motivating yourself this Monday??

PS- Make sure you get your entries in for The Fall Favorites Giveaway and The Cyclone Cup Giveaway also be sure to be checking instagram today I'm going to be throwing out opportunities for extra entries!

As always


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