Friday, September 13, 2013

Hairr Daaay! {{5onFriday}} Giveaway Winner!

It's Finally Friday, I'm free again I got my motor running for a wild weekend. It's finally Friday I'm out of control, forget the working blues and let the good times roll!

A little George Jones to start your day off right!

I'm double posting again today, so first off a Link Up Post for 5 on Friday with the ALWAYS fabulous Darci at The Good Life Blog!!

Heres a my 5 and today they are just totes randoms!

It's Friday- obviously. And today is our grocery shopping day, which means cheat meal for this girl! I'm feeling me a nice big bowl of Fro Yo! My mouth is watering right now as I type this, This fatty wants froyo bad. REAL BAD!

While we are in the big(ger) city today, I told the hubs we HAVE to go to Victoria's Secret because I have coupons of course for freebies. Rule number one, never pass up freebies. It's just plain wasteful! ;) And I need a new pair of kicks. I just got new running shoes back in July buuuut I need a pair of regular old sneaks to just run around in, do my crossfit workouts in and so on instead of wearing out my nice Asics and they can be reserved for running. I'm thinking some colorful Nike's... Any input on favorite everyday kicks? 

The hubby and I are those weirdo's that get obsessed with certain shows and then we only watch those shows. Right now our curtain obsessions are Duck Dynasty and Sons of Anarchy. Complete opposites, I know but DD is just plain hilarious and has the best moral lessons weaved in each episode and SOA is just that nitty gritty drama I crave!


Speaking of SOA....Charlie Hunnam...mhmmm. HELLO MR GREY!!! I read that triology in three days...and oh my oh my it made me blush but it was written so perfectly. The story behind the... ya know.. was just a beautiful story itself about love and the extra was just a bonus :P. But now a movie and Charlie Hunnam is Mr Grey. I have died and went to housewife heaven....Ahhhh.

Roots are for trees. It's time for this girl to get her herrrrrrr did. Yup. It's like therapy for some one else to do my hair. I can do my own, but I choose to pay someone else because well I like the pampering too. Sue me. A lot of people say I should change up my hair. Nah.. Im naturally blonde and I don't want to ruin the natural color I have and well I used to be pretty wild with my hair colors so I'll stick with my two tone paint job. My hair from age 16-21 has went from hot pink on the bottom with black tips and purple highlights; purple peekaboos and black tips on blonde, back to blonde, blonde with black tips; pink peekaboos, dark on the bottom and pink peekaboos, dark on the bottom with pink peekaboos and pink in the bangs, back to dark on the bottom with pink peekaboos then a deep purple mahogany on the bottom and blonde on top and now back to just blonde and dark. I'm happy this way and I've went from stark dark black to dark brown. I'm content. for now... :D

And now the moment you all are waiting for (maybe?)

The winner of The Fall Favorites Giveaway is....



I sent out an email, just reply and I'll get your package out as soon as possible!

Thanks for entering and following! I hope you will enjoy the products!

Whats your Friday plans?

Take us out George Jones...
 I've got a hundred dollars smoking in my billfold, I know I ought to save it but it's burning a whole right through my pocket and into my skin, Come Monday morning I'll be broke again..



  1. I totally understand as a fellow hair stylist how LOVELLLYYYY it is to be the one getting your hair done. Omg. It's like heaven.

  2. So happy I found your blog! I lost over 50 the old fashioned hard work way. However, I've slacked and gained about 20 back so I needed the motivation! Great job - I know how hard it is! I went from 184 to 129 from October 2011-June 2012. Now I gotta get back there!

    1. Well congrats on the weightloss! you did it once and you can totally do it again!! :D

  3. How did you find motivation to work out in the beginning? Walking up one flight of stairs makes me feel like I'm having a heart attack. I can't manage more than 10 minutes on a treadmill which just leaves me feeling discouraged. They say that you have to work out for at least 30 minutes for it to be effective so barely making it to 12 minutes is torture and makes me not want to keep going. How do I push past the pain?

    1. It was hard. I had to push myself, promise myself it was okay. I had to watch tv or listen to music and cover the clocks so I wouldnt focus on the time. THen I just started letting my mind wander, Before to long it started to kinda be nice just to get lost in my thoughts. I could barely jog down the block, but the couch to 5K program really REALLY helped me get up the stamina for running I have now. As for pushing past the pain, this my seem totally lame but I give my self pep talks, when I wanna quit I just say outloud,You can do this, come on, your not a quitter, you got this, its not that much longer, suck it up, you know you want it , don't let yourself fail, etc. It usually helps me continue to push then when Im done it feels so good and I use the memory of that feeling to push hard the next time too

  4. Hiya! Am stopping by from Five on Friday. :)

    I am impressed you read the entire trilogy in 3 days!! It was a GREAT story. So they are making a movie? I'm not sure I could watch it... Eek! The book made me blush enough. Ha!

    Happy Saturday!

    Kate @

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

      Oh yeah there making a movie! HAHA

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