Friday, September 27, 2013

Froyo Friday! {{5onFriday}}

OH thank baby Jesus.

Its Friday...and Payday.


I like money. 

I'm feeling some Five On Friday lovin' so I'm going to link up with the wonderful Darci From The Good Life Blog.

I wish she'd come decorate my lie


I have a lame sense of humor I guess. I laugh at just about anything...

(I laughed WAAAY to long at this...)


I do hair a lot. I don't always like doing my own. Hell somedays I don't even like combing it. BUT I'm a master at making my uncombed hair look like I put effort into it..

This took me a whopping 10 minutes tops to throw together and I got complimented on it by ERRRRYONE.


My dogs a creeper.

She makes this face when hubs is petting her and I sit down beside them. She likes her "daddy" time. And she likes it uninterrupted. Shes a giant baby. I felt like she was staring into my soul.
She is also in the running for extremely lazy. We can home from a walk and she literally collapsed onto her grass mat and didn't move I gave her a treat and she acted like it would take to much effort to eat it.
She laid there for an hour.


I may or may not be obsessed with my legs right now. I'm going to do some pants shopping today also. Well athletic shorts at least. Love me some nike tempos...


You guessed it its Friday. It's the hubs and I's grocery shopping day, which means a cheat for me. That cheat of choice is some frozen yogurt and a pumpkin spice latte from starbucks while I power shop.
Boom. I'm excited.
I like yogurt.
Like a lot.
If you want to be my BFF in the whole world and want me in-debuted to me frozen yogurt or something from starbucks. You will own my soul from that point forward.
I promise.

Whats your Friday plans???




  1. I love it when I can whip my bed hair into a quick easy style and people compliment me on it like I spent hours perfecting the style in the bathroom. Enjoy your frozen yogurt and latte!

  2. Look at those legs girl, working hard!!!! Nice job
    Totally LOL at the milk truck :P