Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Workout Gear and Rest Day Life Hacks {{W.O.W}}

Aaaahhh, finally it's


My week starts on Sundays sooo I'm over the half way mark.. I'm doing the Shaun T Focus T25 and that just makes me think that in EVERY video after the "halfway mark" he let's you know:

"You are WAY more than Half way DONE" 

and everyone cheers.

Thats the feeling I get on Wednesday's when I wake up.

This last week has been tough..I have been putting in lots of extra hours at work and I have been feeling it! Friday was my first day off in a week and then Saturday and Monday were my "days off" too... PSH! I worked 6 hours Saturday and 5 hours on Monday. I can't say no. I like working with other people so everyone is happy. Upside is my paycheck definitely shows off the hard work :D!

Do you enjoy working extra or less?

Of course I'm joining in on the link up at Skinny Meg's for Workout Wednesday.

I get asked a lot about some of my favorite fitness gear and what I use etc. 





These are my favorites.

Garmin Forerunner 10 - Simple, it doesn't track heart rate, it just does distance, calories, pace and time. Thats all I want to know so that's all I needed and it being the simpler model was on the lower end of the Garmin GPS watches pricing.

Nike Revolution 2- These are my new daily drivers. I got tired of wearing down my Asics so much on other activities besides running and just wearing them as everyday shoes. So I went out while most shoe stores where having their sales and picked up these babies. They are super dooper comfy and they are great for everyday wear, crossfit workouts and just walking the dog. They even look good with jeans!!

Underarmour Spandex- The jacket I love for chilly runs because it wicks sweat, is fitted and has the hand warmers :D! The bottoms I love. I never ever wore spandex and now I'm in loooveeee. I like working out in the house in them especially on leg days cause they don't restrict at aaaaalllll.

Asics Gel Noosa Tri 8's - These are my running shoes. I love them!! When I first started my journey to running I went to a specialty store and had my feet scanned and all that fancy dancy jazz and they showed me a section of shoes that would be best for my foot type and running style. I choose these and haven't regretted it once! I have two pairs (for now!) and the hubs has a pair.

Nike Tempo Dri Fit running Shorts- I live in these. I have them in so many colors and If you were to randomly walk into my house, you would more than likely find me in a pair of these...I'm wearing some now even. They are so freaking comfy and great for working out it or just wearing in general.

Whats your favorite fitness gear?

Now for part twooo of the day.

If your like me, rest day sucks.

I hate rest days.

They make me feel lazy. 

I can't just not workout.

I'm obsessed now. Like I take the stairs at work after leg days.
Every painful step up the staircase.

Sue me

So rest days for me are now "Find ways to workout with out working out days"

Whats that mean?


I find errrry day activities to do that help bump up the heart rate and keep me distracted so I don't snack attack my way to a heart attack.

These are just some actives and the calories they burn. I also do stuff like park further away from work that day so I have to walk a little extra, Take stairs vs elevator, do a little extra cleaning, walk to do my errands vs driving and enjoy some yoga for good stretching.

I don't actually track all these calories It just makes me feel better about my "rest day".

How do you rest up?

What do you do to get in a little extra physical activity?

Today's gonna be a good day, well I'm sure gonna make it one! So I'm going to leave ya on a positive note!

As always
- J

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