Monday, September 23, 2013

What? It's Monday Again?! Massage Monday anyone?

So as I'm sitting down to write this one of those lame infomercials about some at home hair removal laser blah blah is on and the lady just said "Hair Free and Care Free is the BEST place to be". 


She is sadly mistaken.

The best place to be is the beach. Hairy legs or not, aint no body got a sad face at the beach!

But while we are talking about hairless feeling in the world- freshly shaved legs on clean bedding? 

Anyone? Anyone?


Maybe I'm alone on this one.

Eh anyway back to this post..

So yeah, where was I....

Yeah, It's Monday again! And I'm freaking ecstatic!

Because I have the day off after working this weekend and being icky sicky all weekend and the last part of the week! 

And even better?? 

I have nothing to do today!!

This NEVER happens to me. Well not often enough...

This girls got a threesome planned with the couch and netflix..

And well more like me, I've got like a gazillion new quick-y workout videos I wanna give a try! And If the weather is still pleasant, I'm breaking out the hot pink mountain bike my former chubby girl bought to "ride to work" to "loose weight" with a whopping year and a half a go. FYI the bike never got rode, it's been in storage and well I stumbled upon it a few days ago when I was looking for something else and was like SCORE!

It's officially fall now, so that means pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters, and scentsy fall catalog. I have a whole knapsack full of scentsy testers my dealer dropped off for me to browse through..Yeah I said dealer, scentsy is a drug to me. So what!

What are you looking forward to about fall??

So with my new found free time today, I'm going to TRY my hardest to get into one of the two places here in town that does massages. This girl is desperate and wants some stranger to rub her down for an hour to some weird ocean sounds and relax these tight muscles and then pay for it...

It is what it is.

fingers crossed

Whats your Monday plans?

Yesterday I woke up feeling back to normal instead of like I needed to vomit, so naturally I slept in a little because well it was nice. As I was getting ready to run into work, I decided that well I didn't feel like combing my hair.

Yeah I have those days. 

I've just mastered hiding my laziness.

So I threw my hair up thinking, eh. Get to work and every gal I work with complimented me on my hair! I'm all over here like waaahhhtttt???

Like this is two day hair that I barely picked through, threw some dry shampoo on it and some bobby pins and up this bitch went and you like it??

Hmph, whatever, I'm not rude, I'll take a hair compliment!

In between puke sessions this weekend, I downloaded iOS7, its growing on me. I wasn't a fan at first but slowly and surely its making me like it. The hubby upgraded to a iPhone5C and he is sooo happy! I'm rocking the 5 still and thats fine with me. I'm a little nicer to my phones than he is...he had a 5, it went swimming. He had a 4S, it was crushed by a forklift. He had a 4 its home button bit the dust. He had another 4S, it took a nice sailing trip down an isle at WalMart and sailed right into a wall. Oh yeah this was all this year. Thank god we had all these old phones and had insurance. Luckily hes got a lifeproof case coming for this phone and he is so in love that this phone will be babied no questions asked. 

What new Iphone do you like?
How do you like iOS7?

Back to puking. 


I was so sick this weekend and I had that feeling like I just needed to throw up ONE more time and I would feel a million bajillon times better. I couldn't for the life of me get it out.

So what do I do?

I felt like an uber fatty for this too, I sent my husband out for a cheeseburger and fries from McDonalds, a greasy Caseys doughnut and a Dr Pepper. 

It worked.

this is how I felt..

I shoveled that shit down. And I say shit, because damnit it didn't taste good! I knew it would make me sick, and I was counting on it to make me sick. As my husband sat there and stared, mouth wide open I finished off that crap meal and kid you not with in a half hour, I was praying to the porcelain gods. Thank GOD! But the hubs got a taste of what I'll be like preggo, being sent to three places for one meal.
 He'll survive I'm sure.

How was all ya'lls weekend??

As always

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  1. My go-to with pukies is drinking a crap-load of warm water. Used to do the same in my college years, while my roommates chanted "Luke-warm pork...luke-warm pork..." These days its just for stomach bugs my littles share with me. Glad you're feeling better!!!