Monday, September 2, 2013

Music & Motivation Monday!

Hey, hey, hey!!

Its Monday again and hopefully ya'll aren't dreading it today since its a holiday. I am lucky enough to have it off thank baby Jesus. It's been a busy last week. 

So a little recap for ya like you care. This weekend the hubs and I went shopping, well light shopping. I just need a few new items. The freaking washer/dryer, one of them, ate ANOTHER one of my bra's so this girl needed a new boobie trap. Victoria's Secret here I come.  It must have been a sign or something because I need a new sizing anyway, weight loss has changed me duh it has  I also needed a new pair of yoga's because well none of mine fit any more womp womp wommm. So as I was making my way to the check out, I hate being in there to long with hubster with me cause I feel like its torturing him, I saw a bunch of perfumes on sale and I pointed at one I used to wear and just said I used to love that stuff.  The cutest thing happened next. Are you ready for this? The hubs snuck a bottle of that perfume to the cashier while I was digging out my debit card and by the time I looked up she was smiling all big like at me and we were walking out of the store I went to shove the receipt in the bag and I saw it. Made my day, it was just a sweet gesture and reminds me of how much I love that guy.  

Does your love still do sweet stuff for you?

I went around the mall and got what else I needed and blah blah blah. Then the best part of the day, cheat meal. Efff ya! I had me a nice big bowl of fro yo and toppings. I moaned and savored with each and every last bite. Damn it was freaking delicious. I could take a dip in a giant vat of fro one would want to see that though, it would be an ugly x rated site....  Next we were off for the regular grocery shopping. This time it was differnet, for some odd reason the hubs decided he no longer wants ANY pre-made plastic like frozen meals  or anything along those lines for his work lunches, so now I'm food preppin' for two. I have decided to dedicate Labor Day to laboring over food prep. Bring it on. Boom. I'm going to kill it. The hubs has to work sadly enough so one of my absolute best friends, Gabby is going to come hang out and help with it and keep me entertained. For real we go back to the 3rd grade, and we always have a good time even if were just cooking. End of recap.

Now for some motivaaatiiioooonnnn

Now I was so so SO excited to drop a few more jean sizes. When I was at my biggest I was murdering the 33's now I'm flaunting it in the 28's & 29's!!!! That shirt there? It's a medium.. BOO-YA!

Am I the only one who takes pictures in the dressing rooms?

I'm really loving these quotes right now. I'm actually considering getting the first as a tattoo...just don't know where to put it... hmmmm. I love me some tattoos.

What's your favorite tattoo? Whats on your tattoo wish list?

I was feeling like running the other night, I had just downloaded new music so of course I needed to run to listen to it...

I decided to do a full 3.1 miles since I have a timed 5K coming up in October on my birthday weekend. Yeah I'm running a 5K for my birthday... I'm going to run it with an old friend I haven't seen for YEARS. It's going to be a blast-y blast.

So I set out, and when my Garmin went off for my 2 mile marker I saw the time flash 18 minutes. I was like holy hell, I haven't ran that fast before. I felt like was in the Matrix and running in slow-mo. I was bad and hadn't ran a full 3.1 since August 1, yeah yeah shame on me. So I had all intentions of this run sucking. I saw that 18 minutes and new I had to power through. 
And I did

I ran that mo fo in 28:50.8... my last one was 34.50.2..


I shaved off six freaking minutes, I started to cry a bit. I couldn't help it. I felt so good, so accomplished... It was a good day...then my quad seized up and it started pouring rain, so I gimped over to a tree, called the hubster to come get me and hid from the storm. 
No I'm not a big baby but I mean it was that hard pouring painful rain and crazy thunder and lightening and I was a little ways from home and the bum leg was all just working against me. 

Ice bath and epson salt bath and a little advocare rehydrate and I was back to good.

Heres all the new music I'm rocking out to during workouts:

1. We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus
2. Roar - Katy Perry
3. Swagger Jagger - Cher Lloyd
4. Applause - Lady Gaga
5. Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus
6. Royals - Lorde
7. Berzerk - Eminem 
8. Best Song Ever - One Direction
9. Acapella - Karmin
10. Turn The Night Up - Enrique Iglesias
11. Like a Champion - Selena Gomez
12. Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke
13. Get Lucky - Daft Punk
14. Sail - Awolnation 
15. Come and Get It - Selena Gomez
16. Love More - Chris Brown
17. Replay - Zendaya
18. Rock N Roll - Avril Lavigne 
19. Give It 2 U - Robin Thicke
20. Clarity - Zedd
21. Treasure - Bruno Mars
22. Gone Gone Gone - Phillip Phillips
23. I Need Your Love - Calvin Harris

Whats your top song on your playlist right now??

I'm loving Like a Champion by Selena. She's just too awesome.. I pray she doesn't go all cray cray and twerk up drugs and shave her head like all other former Disney channel stars..cough, cough Britney, Lindsey, Miley, Demi....

What is/were your Labor Day plans?

Stay classy San Diego


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