Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Finish The Sentence Link Up!



I'm on a roll today.

Post numero dos.

So I like link ups- sue me.

I've always wanted to do this link up but ALWAAAAYSS missed the punch.

But not today, not in my house!

Hang on for the ride, cause hereeee weeee goooooo!

My happy anywhere that doesn't require pants....not to be a creepy creep, but I don't like wearing clothes. Sorry not sorry

Whatever happened to... Carmen Sandiego? Did they ever find her? Was she the villain or the good guy? Why did she have a tv show? These are the things that keep me up at night...SIGH.

So what if I.... lint roll my dog because she sheds more hair that a yeti.

E! needs a reality show about...any family besides the Kardashians..

My go-to fast food meal is...Taco Bell's Dorito Loco Taco...don't judge me.

You might not know that I...have to have to the tv on with no sound to fall asleep. Yup I'm weird.

The hottest quarterback in the NFL Channing Tatum a quarterback?

If I the lottery I could afford to buy everything I'd ever wanted from Ikea and make my house look like Pinterest threw up.

My personality is awesome because...I'm a blonde and they have more fun. DUH

Twerking is....just a fancy word for weird wall humping...

I think it's super gross when...people blow there nose into their shirt. Get a kleenex ya sicko.

Someone needs to tell Miley Cyrus....that Chuck-E-Cheeze called, he wants his onsie back.

Enjoy the day!



  1. Ewww about people blowing their nose into shirts.

  2. Channing Tatum would be an unbelievably hot quarterback. Great, now that image is going to be in my head all day... ;)

  3. I don't like wearing clothes either and people always look at me with crazy eyes when I mention It to them!

  4. i would throw up if i saw someone blow their nose on their shirt. sick.
    thanks for linking with us!

  5. Wall humping for the win!! And I hope you got some traffic today! ;)

  6. I'd rather someone go snot rocket than use their shirt as a kleenex. Total first world problem but so gross.