Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Taboo Food, Say What?

Ok as you all should know I'm very real about anything and everything I post on here, instagram and where ever and when I answer your questions. I'm going to keep it real end of story. And today will be no exception.

Lately I have been getting some bashing for the way I eat. Hell anyone who eats is getting bashed. I eat relatively healthy. No I don't eat like a rabbit. But I love my fresh foods.

There are those out there who bash the ones who are all pro clean eating and so one and theres those that bash those who like eating shit. Either way someones always complaining.  It's totally the persons choice how they freaking eat. End of Story. No one is forcing you to eat like them and vise versa. 

I eat pretty clean for the most part. I don't eat red meat, because I don't like it. I don't drink alcohol, because I don't like it. Not because of the calories or whatever, I'm just not a drinker, wah. Get over it. I don't drink pop because I don't care for it anymore. If I'm going to splurge on a drink its going to be something freaking delicious and smothered in whipped cream from Starbucks, no questions asked. I eat tons of fruits and veggies, because I like them, they taste good and I crave them... Go figure... BUT Newsflash. I'm human, and I like to get down on some shit food every now and then. I like ice cream sandwhiches, I love reeses, peanut butter m&m's, s'mores, whipped topping, pizza, cookies, cup cakes.

Wow, shocker huh?

Now see the key here is MODERATION. You can eat anything and everything you want and still be healthier. You just have to control your portions and how often you eat.

What really killed me was when someone out there in the internet land told me that they followed me and so on and that if I actually wanted to start losing weight I should try eating healthy and working out daily with x amount of cardio and x amount of this and eat x amount of calories-- Bitch Please. 

Are you kidding me??

Like how am I supposed to take that? "If I want to start losing weight" What the hell have I been doing since January??

No one can tell you the key to your body. Yes advice is welcome, help is always a great thing to have but you have to tweek things to fit you, your life and you body. Because you eat clean doesn't mean you eat clean 100% of the time. You can eat clean, mostly and enjoy some  of the more guilty things out there.

You have to do whats right for you, yeah you can disagree with how some one eats and so on but you can't judge them and throw the book at them because you don't like what they do and think your way is better.

Sorry for the rant but I just want everyone to realize that I eat crap food too. I try not too and I limit it, but it happens. I don't let it ruin my day of undo my progress. I pick myself up, slap some since into myself and get my butt back into gear.

My absolute favorite cheat meal is fro yo. And not nicely made, I'm talking birthday cake batter with cookie dough chunks, and the whole nine yards. I also like fat free fro yo with fresh fruit, it just depends on what I want at that time

The point being moderation is key to eating. It doesn't matter what diet you follow, how many calories you intake or if you eat processed foods or not. You can over eat on the healthy foods too. You have to find a balance between working out and eating right and between the foods you want to enjoy.

If you want to know more about how I eat, ask!

Whats your favorite guilty pleasure food??

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Keep the positive attitude !! Don't let other peoples issue's interfere with the Awesome progress you have made. There is Always going to be people that disagree with the way you are doing things. Everybody has a opinion , But Everybody should keep them positive when handing out advise ...

  2. So this isn't exactly food related. What are some good hair products to get rid of frizz that are like drug store brands, if you already posted about this show me the right direction! lol I come back soon from deployement and need some hair tlc. Also I love reading your blog. You have good advice. Don't worry about the crazy people they obviously haven't read your blog long enough to see your true journey. Keep up the good work!

    1. It's a 10! Miracle leave in conditioner, its not necessarily a drug store brand but you can get it at walmart and other places too and its TOTALLY worth it, It the best product for hair. I recommend it to EVERYONE!!

      Thanks for the kind words!!!

  3. The way you're eating fits perfectly with IIFYM - If It Fits Your Macros. As long as you are eating the appropriate amounts of proteins, fats, and carbs for your body, you can eat what you like. I follow this and usually eat 80% whole foods, 20% fun foods. It keeps me sane and losing fat! Don't let others get you down - everyone is different so find what works for you and stick with it.

  4. Ugh some peoples' kids! Shut your piehole and read the girl's blog before going on a manic rant.

    I agree with Morgan, 80/20 rule eating & working out! I think many of us have learned that eating the healthy foods does make you feel better overall. I like saving my splurge moments for homemade stuff or from a good sit-down restaurant, NOT on fast food or candy bars, etc. Too many calories for the enjoyment I get, but that's just me! :)

    My naughty foods = Coke, anything sweet from the bakery, lots of butter (really, don't even have to put it on anything!), ice cream.