Monday, August 5, 2013

The Glow Run that Blowed

I had been looking forward to The Glow Run since June. I had had sooo much fun at The Color Run (Read about it HERE ) that I thought the Glow Run would be just as much if not more fun.

Boy was I wrong.

Now let's keep in mind that there were over 4,000 participants.

The run itself, probably wouldn't be bad in other towns, but the one at this location (wichita ks) was so poorly put together it was pathetic.

It was so far beyond un-organized it was disgusting. 

The Race began at 8:45, packet pick up began at 6 p.m, we got there right at 6 just to discover that there was zero sanctioned parking. You could park next door at a complex that was hosting the minor league baseball hall of fame or something like that, so if you found a spot and were okay with the chance of a fly ball  smashing your windshield, you were golden. So we parked and walked to get our packets, then we went to look at the goodies, the tent had one worker working and a bunch of people trying to buy stuff, we stood there forever trying to get her attention. After we did she took our card and we waited while she helped a bunch of others before finally giving me my card back! Ugh. So we took our packets and headed to my brother-in-law's house to visit for a bit before the run. We returned around 8 to get in line at the starting chute. Oh my freaking gosh. Every other 5K I had seen and the one I'd been in had rules, runners to one side, walkers in the middle and strollers on the other side, to keep the flow good. Well this had everyone mixed in and to top it off the course itself was a single road split down the middle by traffic cones, you ran down on one side then turned around and ran back on the other. 4,000 people running in a giant cluster fuck sharing a single traffic lane. And of course people had no courtesy to others, people would be running in front of you and then come to a dead stop, or they would pass you, swinging their elbows and nail you in the rib cage (thanks jerk in the bandana). The turns were even smaller space so every one piled up. It was like a traffic jam at 5:00 on a Friday during an apocalypse. I had to come to a complete stop more than once just waiting for a chance to move. Then there was the water station, the ones I seen had a table and  trash can, this one had people holding milk crates handing out cups of water, did I mention they were standing randomly in the middle of the road?? Then the "trash can" were empty milk crates in the middle of the road too. Yeah I had to jump over some. Then as the icing on the cake they had an ambulance making its horns sound randomly following the last of racers. I almost had a heart attack at that first screech. We finished, I was in a bad mood, it wasn't what it was cracked up to be, the people were rude, the course was pathetic and the beer in the beer garden brought out the "best" of people. 
We are probably the only 21 and 24 year old that you'll meet that don't like drinking. We don't care if others drink, we just aren't drinking people, we maybe have 4 drinks between the two of us a year.

Yeah we are weird,
 eh don't care.

Then the cake got sprinkles too, the screen on my phone went out. It still played music but I couldn't see the screen for the random break out of rainbow that covered it. I have no idea what happened, but I have a good feeling that the bandana guy that elbowed me had something to do with it, ( he hit my phone and then the rib cage). 
So we left right after we got our medals, we went straight to the car, hopped in, and drove an hour to IHOP. Yeah we were both that angry that we wanted to drown our sorrows in pancakes. It didn't help that we hadn't eaten since before 6 and all I had that day was protein french toast and then a side salad later. I was hungry and angry. A deadly combination, so I let loose I had a four pancake stack of cinnamon roll pancakes with icing, and dammit I enjoyed every last bite. ( I paid for it later with a hell of a stomach ache) 
We got home, I had a small private funeral service for my iPhone5 and did a final backup of it on my computer.
When I woke up on Sunday I grabbed it to get the numbers off the back and began to call apple, for the hell of it I tried turning it on, it was a MIRACLE!!!! It turned on with no glitching, no damage and crisp clean screen resolution. I was SHOCKED. I screamed and might of pee'd a little. It lived. That made up for the bad run experience.

 The plus side of the day was spending it with my hubby.

Don't get me wrong her, I'm not saying that the Glow Run 5k is bad, just the one at this location was horrible. I'm sure there are others with different opinions but this was my experience.

End of Rant.

We may have not had the best of time, but we sure looked cute!

Have you had any bad race/event experiences??


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  1. I had that same exact experience with my color run here in Raleigh, NC. It was terribly organized, and I experienced the clusterfuck of traffic during it as well. Not to mention, I barely got any color on me because people would stand in front of the color throwers instead of just running through. I'm ALL for people walking races, but people wouldn't move and would just stop whenever....and I would go crashing into them. Not cool!

    This is why I refuse to do any of those "fun" type races. It was the only one I've ever experienced like that. And I hate feeling that way :(