Sunday, August 18, 2013

Supplement Sunday

So it's Sunday and I'm fully prepared for a nice laid back day because just like a blue moon, for once I'm off and don't have to show my face. The hubby has to work so it's going to be me and my fur baby lounging around the house watching Prison Break on netflix and drinking tea in a pair of sweats trying to figure out how to spend our day. But I thought I'd throw out this post because I get asked a lot about what supplements I take and what they do for me.

Here we go..

"Ohh piece of candy"

A big misconception is that supplements are either used with the hopes that they are a "magic pill" or that only body builders use them to bulk up.


They are neither a magic pill or roid rage city.

I take supplements to support my health and lifestyle. You don't have to take expensive supplements that come pre packaged, you can just take what your body needs and not pay an arm and a leg.

What do I take?

After a good amount of research I've come to the use the following supplements for my own health, everyone and their body needs different things depending on their diet. So when choosing yours pick ones either recommended by a doctor or that fit your needs.

1. Probiotics- 
It helps keep your digestive system in check and makes sure there are plenty of live active cultures in your g.i tract. I take one of the Align probiotics daily.

2. Fish Oil-
Omega 3 fatty acids help reduce cholesterol by increasing the amount of high-density lipoproteins that clean the walls of blood vessels of cholesterol, and decreasing the amount of triglycerides in the blood stream, which is great for people who are at risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Omega-3 fats have anti-inflammatory effects that maintain joint health and provide relief for arthritis and skin conditions like psoriasis, and they also promote heart health by regulating heart beat and blood thickness, increasing blood circulation and lowering blood pressure. I take one Nature made pill daily.

3. Vitamin E Oil-
I don't ingest this, but I do rub it on my skin a few times a week to help with my ever changing body and stretch marks. 

4. Protein Powder-
Because I don't always eat meat and I work out like crazy,  I don't always get all the protein my body needs, so I always keep EAS Soy Protein powder on hand. I'll make a shake to drink and then can rest assured my body got what it needed. This is only on an "as-needed" basis for me.

5. Peppermint Tea-
This helps with digestion and stomach bloat. I drink a glass of this after dinner or with dinner to help keep bloating from happening as much.

6. Colon Cleanse Pills-
Colon Cleanse is the brand, now let's all admit it, sometimes we get a lil "backed" up and need some uh, "assistance". Colon Cleanse, is all natural and you just take it before bed and then in the morning everything is, uhm, flowing correctly. I take these just as needed of course.

Now these next ones aren't ones that I take but supplements that you should/could take if you aren't getting it in your diet.

*B-12, If you don't eat a lot of fresh fruits or drink coffee then you might need some B-12 to keep you up and going for energy.

*Calcium, If you don't drink milk then your bones could be lacking the calcium you need, so this might be something you need to help keep yourself strong and prevent injuries.

*Cinnamon- If you don't eat a lot of it and you have a family history of diabetes then this is something you should be taking.

*Biotin- helps grow hair and nails and improve the condition of your skin. This is great if you have a skin condition or problems with hair or nail breakage.

Again, I'm not a doctor so don't take anything you are unsure of. This is just all I've come across in my personal research.

What supplements do you take?

What products do you use to keep your body in prime fighting condition?

Have a lazy and enjoyable Sunday! 


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  1. BCAA's have done a wonder for me. You sbould look into them. LOVE them as an intraworkout drink. It keeps me from getting that crazy sore after heavy lifting and helps your muscles recover and rebuild. Otherwise just multivitamins and protein powder here. I want to add a high performance vitamin pack (w/ probiotics, etc) after I am done breastfeeding.