Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Recovery and Core Foundation Workout

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Today I want to really stress how important recovery is. Whether you are a runner or just gym rat, if you exercise you need to be treating your body with some proper recovery.

*Stretch - 
Tired and true, if you not stretching out those muscles after making them work, they will come back and bite you in the ass in the form of a cramp. Probably at 2a.m when your least expecting it.

*Foam roll/massage - 
Treat yourself to either massages or a quality foam roller. The direct pressure and rubbing from either one of those are really going to help sore muscles and aid in blood flow.

*Ice Bath- 
With clothes on fill your tub up with cool water and a bag or bucket of ice. It will be cold and it should be. Hints ICE bath. The cold water decreases swelling and increases blood flow. Doing this regularly will help prevent future injuries

*Epsom Salt Bath
 Epsom salt and warm water will help relax, soothe and treat swollen muscles.

When you sweat your body releases salt, which is why its important to grab something with electrolytes in it after a workout.

With in 45 minutes of completing a workout your body needs to replace what it expelled to keep powering the fat burning and muscle building process. Chocolate milk is a super duper after workout drink! 

How do you recover?

No matter your favorite form of fitness, with out a strong core, you can compromise your body and lead to injury.

I've put together 4 super core moves that will work multiple muscles groups, burning calories and really strengthening your core.

Examples of each move:

Done in order as appears in workout.
 Super Crunches are just a two part crunch working lower and upper abs.
Single Leg Cleans Beef up your balance.
Reverse Plank and Press, alternate arms each time.
Starfish Planks will help with balance as well.

Any more questions on a move, just ask!

So I'm finishing up my last few days of Jillian Micheals 30 Day Shred take two. To see my first round of results go HERE and now that it's coming to an end I'm looking for new at home videos to go for to help build definition and tighten and tone all over. I'm pretty much positive I'm going to start Shaun T's Focus T25 50 Day Program. Has anyone out there done it? Is doing it? Input on it please??

Whats your favorite workout video/program??

This week I also got the COOLEST blend-y cup...uhm EVER!!!! It's called the The Cyclone Cup, naturally I got Pink ;). It is ridiculously awesome. It has available storage to put mixes/powders in or what ever else you need to store and it actually blends stuff super well so there are no chunck-lets!!! 

Who would be interested in winning one of these?!?

I smell a contest/giveaway coming up...

*sniff sniff*

Sha-sha-shakin' not stirred.


Have a wonderful wednesday!!!


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  1. Your Cyclone Cup looks awesome!! I may need to invest in one of those! I finally figured out a title for my blog. I don't have anything set up or written yet, but I will soon! Here's the link:

    Wish me luck :)