Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Becoming BFF's WIth The Dressing Room

Every girl who has ever been overweight or disliked her body for some reason know what I'm talking about when I say, I hate trying on clothes and shopping for clothes.

Well I used too.

I used to fear that little cubicle in the back of the stores surrounded by mirrors and little skinny store associates. I used to try on clothes and sit in there and cry and blame the clothes and the store and everyone but myself. I was the one shoveling in the snack cakes. 

Little Debbie doesn't make you too little.

For the first time in forever I didn't cry when I went clothes shopping this weekend. 

It was a glorious feeling this weekend.

I wanted some new workout clothes, so we went to a local sporting goods store. As usual I looked around thinking "I wouldn't look good in that" and ignored it. I went for my usual sizes and big unshapely items. I was feeling a little brave so I grabbed a few items with the expectations of  looking like a busted sausage link in them. 

The crazy thing was that this time, this time, it was different. All those sizes that I clung to because I thought they helped hide my body, swallowed me whole.  As I looked in the mirror at myself in a sweatshirt that 7 months earlier would have been tight, I realized I wasn't that girl anymore. The body I was trying to hide was one that I have worked my ass off for. 

I have put blood, sweat and tears into losing this weight and I don't want to hide this body. 

This body is like a trophy now. 
I want to show it off.

 So I threw off the oversized sham of fabric I was hiding in and had my hubby go grab me smaller sizes in all the cute clothes I was scared to touch. 

Then things got crazy. 

He brought them too me and they didn't fit, he had to go back and get the next size down. 

I tried on these smaller sizes and I felt like a million freaking bucks. Trying on clothes didn't make me cry anymore,  it made me happy I couldn't believe it. I didn't want to leave this little cubicle anymore. It made me feel good. The feeling that those Little Debbie snack cakes of evil will and never will be as good as it was slipping into a pair of medium spandex shorts. 

Screw you Little Debbie, its over. We are never ever getting back together.

Dressing Room's, you and I are now BFF's, I will be visiting more often and I promise not to cry.

My new gear :D

It's all about progress not perfection

I feel like a fitness ninja! In all this black spandex!

3 weeks progress on arms, do you want a ticket for the gun show?!

How's your relationship with the dressing room?

What changes in everyday things have you experienced after weight loss?


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  1. Wow I like your post. I too have lost a lot of weight, but I am not to sure I would say that the mirror is my BFF. Keep up the good work