Monday, August 19, 2013

Motivation Monday {&lazy Sunday Recap}

Gooooood Morning everyone! It's Monday again, back to work and counting down til Friday. Rinse and repeat. Being an adult is not all it's cracked up to be.

I worked all week and into the weekend, with the rare exception of having a Sunday off. It's weird having Sunday's off because the hubs works that day and so I'm home by myself. Sounds more exciting than it really is. I throw my hair up in a messy bun, grab some comfy clothes and watch netflix while doing laundry. 

I know, I know, your pretty jealous of the exciting life I lead.


I did some baking this weekend, if you follow me on Instagram, than you know I lucked into 56, yes, FIFTY FREAKING SIX free bananas that were starting to turn. I made the hubs 3 different variations(regular, chocolate chip, cinnamon raisin) of whole wheat,dairy free, and sugar free(none added) banana breads. I made myself muffins and banana bread cookies, banana ice cream and a PB2 and banana pie for the both of us. I still had quite a few left over naners so I pureed some to freeze and just peeled the others and froze them as well. I'll use them for future cooking.

What are your favorite recipes that include banana's??

While I was on my kick, I made some fresh "jam" for myself. I blended raspberries, strawberries and a few kiwi's with some honey and boy oh boy is it good. I love things that are on the tart side, so I didn't add as much honey to keep it tarter. It made for a great PB2 and "jam" sandwich!

While I was home alone I had some time to place with my new slicer. I whipped up a batch of what I'm going to call Honey Mustard Chicken Salad. 
A chopped green apple, chopped red grapes, chopped red onion, black beans, tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of yellow mustard mixed together and served on a soy tortilla with fresh chopped spinach, even the hubby, who hates mustard thought it looked delish when I sent him a picture. Yeah we send each other pictures of our food, we're just weird like that.

So I finished the Advocare 10 Day Cleanse on Wednesday as most of you know, so know I can go back to "normal" eating. Strangely enough as much as I missed dairy and bread while on the cleanse, I have hardly ate any since. Yes I've had some but no where near as much as I used to. I'm still craving fresh fruits and veggies like a mad woman. I could totally live like a zoo animal and just have fruits and veggies thrown at me all day and be okay with it.

The hubs and I were talking about what some things are we want to try to find when we start looking for an apartment/house in Washington State, and I told him that I want a mini fridge as my night stand in our bedroom, stocked with water. He laughed at me. I drink so much water through out the day and night, it is ridiculous. I kid you not some days I drink 7 or so bottles of water (over 118 ounces) during the day and up to 3 bottles from the time I crawl into bed til I wake up. I mix it up with spark or tea but I love me some water.

Does anyone else drink water like camel?

Now on to some motivation. While I was doing laundry I decided to do a quick go through of clothes, I'm a hoarder. I used to never ever through away clothes, now I'm constantly going through to get rid of the things that are just way to big.

I got this shirt for my senior pictures in 2010 and I wore it only once for the pictures( I was wearing spanx even) and the shirt was on the tight side. I tried it on and couldn't believe it but it fit. Not only did it fit, It fit better than it did when I first bought it! 

Shut the front door.

Then my parents stopped by to drop off the Tshirts my dad picked up for the hubs and I while he was in Sturgis. I was a little sad and prepared for dissapointment when my dad told me he accidently grabbed me a small. I've never worn a size small shirt in muh liffeeetimmeee. I just knew I was going to put this on and and see it was too tight then go into a depression and hide on the couch.  Deep breath and pulled it on.

It effing fit, and it loooookeeed GOOOODD! I looked damn good! Haha!

The picture on the right shows me in a size large tshirt that I stretched to make it fit better and it barely fit. Now I'm wearing a small. Things can change,  YOU can change, if your willing. It just takes dedication and time. Progress is progress no matter how small. Just keep going!!!
I never thought I would make it this far, I still am shocked when I look in the mirror every day. It's such a great and overwhelming feeling to wake up and look at yourself and be happy with your reflection and your progress. 

 Whats your motivation for this monday??

- J

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